So What Wednesday!

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It’s So What Wednesday over at Life After I Dew and I’m linking up! This week I am saying SO WHAT if..

  • I am considering taking a hot yoga class even though the slow flow ones alone kick my butt.
  • I pretty much always need a vacation to look forward too.  And I have nothing on the calendar right now and I hate that!  I need a contest win like now!
  • Sometimes when I go to a restaurant / bar / resort / whatever and have an all around amazing time, I never want to go back.  I know if I go back the next time won’t be as great and I don’t want it to be a disappointment!  I am sure some therapist out there would have something to say about this.
  • I don’t even flinch when I drop my iPhone anymore.  Something about having a toddler doesn’t even make you nervous when things crash down to the ground.
  • I like when other kids cry when L is in a bad mood or having a fit.  He finds other kids screaming and crying totally interesting and stops whatever he is doing to ask why that kid is crying.  Your kid screaming = my kid not screaming.
  • I still haven’t transferred L’s blog over to WordPress. What a project.  I need to get on it so I can resume normal activity over there.
  • I cannot believe there are still households left who do not have cable.  I don’t even know what I would do.  Can you get any normal channels without cable?  I suppose you can get alot more stuff around the house done though.
  • If I could, I would totally hire someone to do all my chores including grocery shopping, dropping off / picking up my dry cleaning, driving me around, etc. I totally would.

What are you saying SO WHAT to this week??

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  1. Shannon

    so true on the vaca spot one time deal. j wants to go back to our h-moon spot for our 5 year but i know it won’t be the same and kinda don’t want to go either.

    1. Jennifer

      I wouldn’t go again either! It wouldn’t be the same. Where did you go again?

  2. Sarah

    Believe it! We are cable-free in my household. Lol!
    I don’t know how I ever had time for it.
    We had Netflix and streamed and rented for awhile, but now even that’s gone.
    Sometimes I watch Hulu. But I could even get sucked into that so I try not to too much.
    Working full time and 2 dogs (but no kids yet) I still don’t know how I’d make time for it. I can’t imagine how busy we’ll be throwing kids in.

    I have Facebook and Blogging instead of cable, lol.

    1. Jennifer

      OMG really?? I have only known one other person without cable! How do you watch Real Housewives on Bravo???

      1. Jessica

        We went without cable for about 4 months last yr during the move & home renovations…believe it or not, you get used to not having it pretty quickly & definitely get more accomplished. The only times it really sucked were rainy days & when we wanted to snuggle up before bed. But….I don’t think I could manage to go without during greys anatomy season..aka nasty winter!

  3. Kelly

    We haven’t had cable in a few years. We still get over the air channels like abc, NBC, ect. Thats all we ever really wathced, so we just decided to save money and cancel cable. I can watch hgtv at the gym. Plus we have Netflix and so we can watch shows like Dexter. There’s also places online that you can watch shows.

    1. Jennifer

      OMG, really??? No cable?? I’ll admit, I don’t have any pay channels, so no Dexter or anything here.

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