Bearded B

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Late last year, around Christmas time, B went overseas for a few weeks. While there, he informed me he was growing a beard.  Of course, I requested a picture, which is the one on the left.  Maybe I was swayed by the sexy body armor or the fact that I hadn’t seen B in nearly a month, but I told him I liked it.  In fact, I was was sad he shaved it off before he even got home.

I pretty much forgot about the beard until the 4th of July weekend when I realized that B hadn’t shaved for days (see how much I pay attention?).  And after the holiday weekend, when the stubble didn’t go away, I started to get nervous.  The beard wasn’t as hot when it was looking at me all day and it was like snuggling with Baxter.  I think B secretly loved annoying me with the beard.  Okay, maybe it wasn’t such a secret.  But one person that loved it was L.  I started telling B that I LOVED it too, and would always try and touch it when he walked by.  That, along with the fact it’s been 95 degrees here, caused B to shave it.  Again, I pretended like I was SO sad.  L actually was sad though, so B told him he’d grow it again in the winter.  Hopefully he goes overseas again……………

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  1. Amanda

    Okay, the beard looks better when he wears the glasses. Not sure why. (It could just be that I really like those glasses and am blinded.)

  2. Shannon

    you already know i think it’s hot. but then again i threatened J if he shaved his face for our wedding

  3. Cindy

    Is that “poll” anonymous!? LOL…

    1. Jennifer

      lol! yes it is. I’m pretty pleased I figured out how to even post a poll!!

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