What’s in my Bag?

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I have seen this on other blogs and thought I’d share mine too. I took these pictures over the winter, but this is pretty much always what’s in my bag. Except for the diapers, since L doesn’t need those anymore, but I still carry wipes. Always.  So here’s what’s in my bag:
-3 pairs of sunglasses (two are L’s and one are mine)
-Wallet (stuffed with change, cards, pictures, receipts, etc.)
-2 containers of eye drops (I should do a post about my nasty eye issue from last fall).
-2 hand lotions
-2 hand sanitizers
-Assorted pens, pencils, markers.
-2 bottles of painkillers (you just never know)
-Coupon Binder (it holds coupons, store frequent buyer cards, gift cards, etc.)
-Coloring pages and markers for L
-Snacks (twizzlers and pretzel M&M’s)
-Chip clip (??)
-Mini Emergency Kit (I love this!!)

I think that’s about it!  What’s in your bag!

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  1. Shannon

    I did this a while back! I love your bag!!!!!!

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks! I do too! Or should I say, I do “choo”. LOL.

  2. Lori

    Guess what? I dont carry a bag. Gave it up in high school after forgetting it all over the place and then worrying about where I left it. My car is pretty much my purse. I do carry (more like have and keep in my car) a nerdy trapper keeper zipper type thing that I keep all my important papers and bills and stuff in.

    1. Jennifer

      How do you do it?? I have so much crap I carry around. I would go crazy!

  3. melanee

    gimme a close up of the mini emergency kit. whatcha got in there?

  4. Jess

    Can you do a post on your coupon binder? How do you organize? By store or by when coupons expire?

    1. Dani

      I second this request!

  5. Dani

    Random thing I found in my purse this week: crushed milkbones

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