Garage Sales ~ Yay or Nay?

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Okay, so I have a ton of, well crap to get rid of. Old clothes. Toys. Books. Just stuff. And I want to have a garage sale, but I do not want to do all of the work involved in having a garage sale unless it’s going to be worth it.

So I need to know, have any of you had a garage sale recently?  Did you clean-up or was it a waste of time?  B and I have been talking about having a garage sale for ages, but have never actually done anything about it.  And has anyone ever taken clothes to a consignment shop or to Plato’s Closet?  What kind of stuff do they buy?  And yeah, I probably could just donate everything, but I want to make some of my money back so I can buy more stuff to to fill up the space the other stuff I had was in.  Make sense??

So tell me all about your garage sale history!  Oh, and have you ever bought anything really fabulous from a garage sale and gotten a great deal on it?  I have visions of going to a garage sale and buying a painting for $10 and it turning out to have a Picasso behind it. This will never happen because 1) I pretty much never go to garage sales and 2) I probably wouldn’t ever buy a painting at a garage sale!  But a girl can dream…

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  1. Amanda

    I love going to garage sales, but I’m way too lazy to hold one. If you decide to have, I suggest you check out my friend, Heather’s post on successful rummage sales.

    I’ve never got a huge find at a rummage sale, but I did luck out at GoodWill once. I found a white, Singer Featherweight (sewing machine, super collectible). I paid $25 and sold it on eBay for $400.

  2. Kim

    I did a garage sale and made around $150 it was 2 days. I’d recommend doing a mom 2 mom sale. I did one in the fall and made $400!!!

  3. Cindy

    OK, this is where I sound like one of those Shoebox greeting cards with the drawing of the old lady…perhaps smoking a cigarette!!?? I say “Nay, but I think if you have never had one you should!! (I find them a lot of work and although in the past we have made a few hundred dollars….frankly, I would rather donate stuff or sell on Craig’s List or eBay if it’s really worth something.) But you’re young and ambitious…so go for it!!

  4. Alysia

    We just had one and it sucked. But in the past we’ve made nearly $1000. Totally depends on who’s shopping and what they’re looking for. I think where we live now just doesn’t get as much traffic as where we used to live when we had awesome yard sales. Ask your neighbors if they’ve had a sale and how they did.

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