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I mentioned in my Weekend Wrap-Up post that I did a little organizing over the weekend and I wanted to share more about that.  After I finished up our junk drawer and L’s junk drawer, I got inspired and decided that the organizing needed to continue. I set my sights on “my” kitchen cabinets. B is in charge of pots and pans and all that stuff, but I am in charge of baking stuff, etc. Here is the before:
That is one nasty mess. One that I do not ever want to look at again. I’m almost ashamed! But I picked up a few clear bins at IKEA on Saturday just for this purposes. Check out the results:

It’s amazing what a little organizing can do, huh? It feel calmer every time I open it. The top bins have cookie cutters (*), silicone molds, magnets that L likes to play with and some assorted rarely used kitchen gadgets.  The bottom has cookie pans / molds and some other odds and ends.  I ended up moving all of my vases to under the kitchen sink because it nice and tall and is perfect for things like vases.   The only problem I have with the IKEA bins is that the lids they don’t snap shut.  I don’t really get why Swedish people don’t like to secure lids, but they were cheap so what can I say?

I also cleaned / organized L’s dishes and cups and his “kitchen-only” playdoh.  L’s dishes were such a mess and were always falling over and would fall out of the cupboard when I opened it.  Ugh.  It drove me nuts.  So nuts that I didn’t even take a before picture!  I used more of the cheap IKEA bins for the bottom, but for the top, I used a deep drawer tray that I picked up at Target.  I put the plates in like you would load in the dishwasher and left the bowls on the shelf in front.  Once again, I am happy every time I open the door and see how neatly everything is placed.  No more just throwing things in.

I love the famous quote “A a place for everything and everything in its place”. It totally fits me. So what do you think? Will it stay organized?

(*) I bake sugar cookies maybe 2-3 times a year. Why in the world do I have so many cookie cutters??

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  1. Mom

    I love your organized cabinets. And you can never have too many cookie cutters!

  2. Amy Pelletier

    I, too, have somehow managed to accumulate way more cookie cutters than I really need…and rarely make sugar cookies. BUT, I do use them for other things! I use them to cut shapes in all sorts of other foods for special occasions: toast, sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, French toast, you name it! I found a couple of star cutouts of toast with a little jelly and some sprinkles really makes a breakfast seem special. 🙂

  3. Dani

    B told me you were posting this and kind of insinuated I should organize or something. I just scoffed at him.

    Good job though 🙂

  4. Cindy

    Let me know when you start your organizational services! Sorry, but I can’t stop laughing about the “I don?t really get why Swedish people don?t like to secure lids, but they were cheap so what can I say?” (I don’t get it either.) LOL!

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