It’s Game Time in the D!

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the success the Detroit sports teams are having. I’m talking specifically about the Lions and the Tigers. Both have fabulous new stadiums and we finally have some fabulous teams to play in those stadiums. The Lions went 0-16 back in 2008. Yep, they didn’t win a single game. I actually think that is harder to do than you think. But the Lions did it. And the Tigers, well, I remember back when I met B, you could just walk up to the ticket booth 5 minutes before the game and get great seats. Those days are long gone, but it’s way more fun now.

First of all, the Lions are part of MNF this week. That’s a huge deal here and tickets are going for insane prices. And the Lions are 4-0. That is a pretty huge deal too. I hope this marks the end of the Lions being the joke of the NFL.

Now, on to the Tigers. My lack of blogging this week is related directly to the Tigers and their late night games. I am pretty sure they are trying to give me an ulcer. Or a heart attack. Or both. If you watched any of the games this week (well the ones the Tigers won anyways), you know what I mean. And they all seemed to last until midnight. Come on, it’s a school night! But it was all worth it and I hope to have many more late nights before the end of their season!

All this winning is great for the “D”. Again, unless you live under a rock, you things pretty much suck in Michigan. No jobs. People losing their houses left and right. Things aren’t so hot. But if you end up at a post-season Tigers game or a Lions game, you’d never know it. Detroit fans are the best. We love our teams and love to cheer for them. We NEED someone to cheer for and couldn’t be more thrilled to do it for winning teams!

So tell me, who are your favorite teams? If you don’t have a favorite and need to adopt a team, think about the Tigers or Lions. I can’t promise they will always win, but it’ll never be dull and win or lose, you will have a great time at their games!

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  1. Jackie

    Due to having family in Michigan I have always paid attention to how well their teams are doing. So excited to see how the Lions due this season & also being from Boston I could not be happier to see that the Tigers won over the Yankees. Which makes me love the Detroit “D” sticker on my car even more!

  2. courtney

    though i haven’t lived in the d for years, it’s still home…motor city kitty’s are awesomeness and now that my nl team is out (darn phillies), i can focus 110% on the tigers! (specifically on jv-love!)

    wearing lots of blue these days!

  3. melanee

    go rangers!! sorry jennifer!

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