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  • So ever since I met B, he has wanted a “Blue” (aka a Husky that he would name Blue). Since we used to live in a condo, we had to get a small dog (then two small dogs), so the dream of a Blue was put on hold.  Plus, uhh, I don’t want a husky. At all.  They are cute, but I’m not a real fan of chasing dogs who need a ton of activity.  Baxter has been lazy since he was a puppy and Buddy, while crazy is little and can be easily tired out.  But a Blue would need lots of activity.  So when I saw a picture of a Pomsky, I thought maybe it could be an option ;).  Of course, it would still shed (I am allergic to all types of animal fur), but for this cutie, I might get some allergy meds.
  • I love that so many celebrities went to the Marine Ball with the men and women serving our country this year.  Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake and Kristin Cavallari all went and I bet they were just as excited as their dates.  If you have never been to a military ball, it is quite an experience.  Like no formal you have ever been to.  I have attended the Army Ball with B and it was a great time!  If I were a celebrity, I would for sure attend if asked!  I really do like men in uniform.
  • L and I started to decorate the house for Christmas time on Sunday.  We got about 1/8 done.  B was at the Lions game and L isn’t too helpful, although it was totally his idea.  It looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me this weekend!  I did find a skinny tree at Target, which I plan to decorate (or try to anyways) all fancy.  Does anyone have any tips?  I want to use ribbon, which I have never done before.  I need all the advice I can find!
  • So I posted about how we “lost” Gungo the fish a few weeks back.  Well, this morning I went to check on Gungo and he was dead.  No movement.  Just floating around.  Dead.  I have seen a few dead fish in my day and this one was dead.  So I talk to L about it who declares that Gungo “is just pretending”. Umm, no.  Fish don’t do that.  Or do they?  I also texted B who took L to Petco after school and they picked out a new Beta fish (also to be named Gungo).  So then B gets home, we eat and he asks me if I put new Gungo in old Gungo’s bowl. Umm, no.  Turns out old Gungo IS NOT DEAD.  WTF?? I would have bet thousands this morning that he was dead.  L was right.  He was just pretending! And now, we have two identical beta fish.  So so so weird.
  • I really want to make an ornament wreath this year, but I do not want it to take hours and hours.  The maker of this wreath said it took her “one evening”.  I need more details.  Is that two hours?  Six hours?  What?  I need more details before I can make the commitment of turning my hot glue gun on!
  • Should I go shopping on back Friday?  I am for sure not going out shopping all night or anything crazy, but I wouldn’t mind hitting up a few stores.  No idea for what though.  Actually, I would LOVE to hit up the Pottery Barn Outlet in hopes of scoring a desk, but chances that B would agree to that are slim.  Maybe less than slim.  He did say that if he had a pick-up truck, he would be happy to take me to IKEA and all those places.  I don;t believe it for a minute though.  Are you going out shopping on Black Friday?  What are you looking for??

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  1. Cindy

    “Blue” would be soooo cute (do it, do it!)!
    Men in uniform, yep!
    I feel better that you are 1/8 decorated
    Gungo is a miracle fish! (My kids crack up at that name…can’t wait to tell them about the latest miracle/two Gungos!)
    I was waiting for you to make the wreath first!?
    G is “this close” to getting a new truck…at first I didn’t want a truck but then the first thing I thought of was IKEA…but I didn’t tell him.

  2. karen

    Bryan has a pick-up truck, it is just in a few dozen pieces in our shed. I saw where you open a coat hanger and string the ornament on it and add a ribbon. I bought a big container of ornaments after Christmas last year for that reason, so now I will have to find where I stored them and try it. I like the pomsky but you could just settle for the little black pom that we have.

  3. Maria

    So I’m reading this while my in-laws read educational (boring) books and just started laughing-out-loud at your fish coming back to life. Ha!

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