The One Where We Lost Our Fish

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So last night L and I went to feed his fish (aka Gungo) before L went to bed. However, we couldn’t find it. I kid you not, he was NOT in his bowl. We spun that bowl around about 5 times. Nope, no Gungo. WTF?? So B comes over, thinking we are crazy and does an inspection of the bowl. Still no Gungo. We checked out the area around the bowl thinking maybe he jumped out? Nope. And then we loved the bookcase thinking maybe he fell under it after he jumped out. Yeah, we MOVED A BOOKCASE LOOKING FOR A BETA FISH.It may seem crazy now, but it seemed totally normal at the time. I mean, where in the world could this fish have gone? But no, he wasn’t there either. And then we asked L the most ridiculous question of all time “did you take the fish out of his bowl”? Yeah, we pretty much accused our 3 year old of murdering the fish.  Real nice.  Of course, he did nothing of the sort and told us as much.  After a few more minutes of staring at the bowl, we realized that Gungo was trapped under the stones in the bottom of the bowl!!! We feared he was dead, but B reached his hand in the water and dug around in the stones and saved Gungo’s life!  We all cheered like crazy and watched as Gungo swam sideways up to the top of the bowl to get some food!  I am happy to report that he is swimming normally today and seems totally unaffected by the trauma he went through yesterday.  He’s a a fighter that Gungo!

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  1. Cindy

    Oh my gosh — happy ending!!

  2. Mom

    OMG that is so funny. I’m glad Gungo,is ok.

  3. Suzy

    Omg, poor Gungo. Glad he’s ok!

  4. Cass

    Seriously…. that is the best story ever!

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