Things That Annoy Me – Part ???

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I haven’t done a Things That Annoy Me in awhile and we are way overdue! Here goes:

Christmas Decorations: Now don’t get me wrong, the love the holidays as much as the next guy. Maybe more. But why why why do we have to start decorating for it the next after Halloween? I thought it was an unofficial rule that you could not turn on Christmas lights, trees, etc. until the day after Thanksgiving.  Even my favorite store, Nordstrom, follows that rule.  I know why stores do it, I do.  It’s all about the money.  It costs a lot to set up store displays, whatever.  But I don’t care.  And when I hear people talk about putting their trees up a week after Halloween, that just pushes me over the edge!  Next year I am going to start a trend where people decorate their homes for Thanksgiving. Like everyone puts up Thanksgiving colored lights and decorates a giant turkey.  I might just be on to something….

Kid’s Bath Toys: I do not understand why they call them bath toys?  Why don’t they call them “mold collectors”.  Why do bath toys have holes in them to allow water to get in? Water inside of toys equals nasty nasty mold.  Who invented bath toys?  Clearly they do not have kids.  Or they have kids and have plenty of time to clean bath toys every night. I’m clearly not Mom of the Year, so I don’t even know where I would begin with that task?  Squeeze all the water out and then blow dry the inside of each toy to make sure there is no water in there at all?  Umm, okay.  I have plenty of time for that.  NOT.  Here’s a little tip, Matchbox Cars don’t get moldy and provide tons of fun in the bathtub.  As do bathtub crayons and markers.  And glow sticks.  You can keep your moldy nasty squeeze bath toys.  I don’t want them.

CNN News Videos: If I am going to, I want to read the news.  Not watch it. Same goes for other sites that put videos up, but no stories.  Many times I cannot just crank the volume up on my computer / phone / whatever and listen to a news story.  I doubt the other people on the airplane or in Starbucks want to hear my dumb computer! At least give me the option to read the story or watch it.  Has CNN ever taken a poll on who likes video news?  Am I in the minority here?

Background Ads: This is one of my newest annoyances.  I’m scrolling super fast on and all of a sudden a mistakenly click my mouse and end up on some other dumb site.  WTF??  Don’t sneak these ads on your website.  Drives me nuts.  Not because I care it’s advertising.  Because I care that I have to waste my time on some other random website when all I really want to be doing is reading about Kourtney and Scott and wondering why she is having another baby with that loser!

What’s been annoying you lately?

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  1. Stacey

    You’re so cute!

    If I’m hosting thanksgiving, I want all my beautiful decorations up…that’s MY rule!

    And I have a ton of bath toys I’m off to inspect. Thanks for the heads up. So disgusted…

  2. Shannon Dew

    Along the same lines as background ads, blog ads that scroll with you! OMG go away!

  3. Cindy

    Ditto, Ditto, Ditto and Ditto!!! Poor Thanksgiving gets a bum rap…I remember sand toys making better bath toys (than bath toys), glad I’m not the only one who continues to be bummed when a video appears and I just want to read an article and those sneaky advertisers are killing me (especially on Words With Friends)!

  4. Alysia

    I agree with every one. It drove me nuts that the radio stations started playing Christmas music November 1st too. No Christmas music or decorations until after Thanksgiving here! The bath toys are disgusting. I can’t tell you how many I have thrown away over the years. Now I just avoid them at all cost.

  5. Wendy

    omg, i totally agree with you about the bath toys! also agree about Kourtney Kardashian

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