Christmas Recap!

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It’s been a crazy (but very fun) few days around here. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Christmas Eve: When you do nothing before Christmas, well, you pretty much run around like crazy all day on Christmas Eve and try to get it done. I spent the majority of the day baking cookies (all of which were delicious if I do say so myself) for our annual Christmas Eve Party (which was at my cousin’s this year). My trusty helper (aka L) seemed to only appear when I had fresh batter for him to taste. It’s amazing how they know when you need “help” licking the spoon. I also did some stocking stuffer damage at CVS. Santa had L’s stocking covered, but B’s? Totally forgot. Oops. B was in charge of the hot appetizer (Panko Chicken Skewers) which were supposed to take 45 minutes, but ended up taking much longer, which caused us to be way late.  They were totally yummy though!  We had a great time at the party (someone took off their clothes and ran around in their underwear, but I won’t mention who….) and then came home and did what parents around the world were doing until the wee hours of the night…………..

I don't even know why I bake them??
L's new best friend, "Lucky".

Christmas Day: After a late night, we were all pretty beat and slept in until after 8am, which was amazing!  I am so glad L is still young enough that he kind of forgets he is supposed to want to wake up at 4am and open the presents.  We opened all of our gifts from Santa (and each other) and played for awhile before round two (with my parents and brother and SIL) started.  We all got totally spoiled and couldn’t have been happier!  I am now the proud owner of the SLUSHY MAGIC.  Woot woot!!!  And L is now a McDonalds Drive-Thru worker. It’s hysterical to play McDonalds with him. After the madness died down, I tried to talk L into taking a nap with me, but what really ended up happening was that I took a nap, while B and L played LeapPad / iPhone in bed next to me while I napped.  It worked for me!  We had dinner at my parents and were all pretty beat by the end of the day (except for L, who kept telling me “But I am not tired.  I do not want to go to bed”). After L finally fell asleep, B and I just vegged on the couch!

Do you want fries with that?

Day After Christmas: My mom and I headed out shopping in the morning.  Of course, we hit up Target first, where I pretty much bought a cart ful of 50% off Christmas Clearance crap I do not need (more on my finds later).  But it was very fun!  And not crowded at all, which shocked me.  We hit the mall next where I cleaned up at GAPKids.  Hello new winter jacket and snow pants for a total of $25!  SCORE! The mall wasn’t crowded either.  So weird.  We also hit up Old Navy, which was empty as well (where was everyone??) and I got some $6 pajama pants.   So many good deals out there yesterday!  B and I spent the rest of the day organizing and playing with L (choo-choos never get old for L).  Oh, and L made a trip to the Dr. (well Urgent Care / ER) for his cough, where he got a Beanie Baby and some candy.  I guess if you go to the Dr. on the holidays you get a special treat??  Again, L claimed he was “not tired” at bedtime, but  luckily fell asleep at a reasonable time.  How that kid is never tired is such a mystery to me!

We  had a great holiday and are already looking forward to New Years!!  How was your holiday?  What did you do??

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