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  • I haven’t really won anything overly fabulous recently.  This is directly related  to me entering less.  I am blaming it all on Pinterest.
  • L told me the other day that “dogs were barking in his ear”.  He put his ear right to mine so that I could hear it too.  LOL.  He was so annoyed when I said I couldn’t hear it.  So annoyed.  And yeah, I took him to the doctor and the Dr. sure did find dogs in his ear!  Nasty nasty ear infection.  As is typical with L, he is NOT letting it slow him down.
  • I think it is totally hysterical that Derek Jeter gives his one night stands a gift basket containing, well, Derek Jeter memorabilia.  And he has his driver drop them off in the morning.  It could be way worse for these ladies.  He could just push them out the door with cab fare.
  • I’m pretty sure Baxter and Buddy and L spend more curled up with my Missoni for Target blanket than I do.  It’s probably the most popular item in the house. My weekend houseguests were even fighting over it and mentioned trying to sneak away with it.  Good thing I checked their bags before they left ;).  They did steal all my Cadbury Christmas Milk Chocolate Balls (think mini eggs) though.
  • L has decided that, in addition to a Red Barrel of Monkeys, he also needs to ask Santa for Bathtub Markers and Window Crayons.  This is perfect because we need to go see Santa this weekend anyways (I love the LONG lines when you wait till the last minute) and now he’s game too!

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