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Okay, so WTF did Cindy Crawford do to her face? Any why? She was so so stunning. And was aging beautifully. I hope whatever she did goes away soon and isn’t permanent. Seriously, she doesn’t even look like the same person. 

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I caught up Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night on my DVR. What a fabulous show. I feel a bit dumber after I watch, but it’s totally worth it. I was cracking up when Brandi said “I was so afraid to fly that I used to roofie myself. It was awesome!”. Really Brandi? That Xnanx / Alcohol combo she had going on seemed like it was pretty awesome too!  She was bombed. And Lisa, I always crack up when she is on-screen. She just tells it like it is. “Brandi’s, like, out of control. I actually think the gas tank in her brain is running on empty right now.” And I sure did love me some Mauricio in Hawaii. I would have gotten on that plane with him without even a second thought ;).

Jersey Shore was back on last night! Not too much drama (there never seems to be on the first night), with the exception of Snooki / Mike / The Game. Snooki totally hooked up with Mike. I don’t even think that’s up for debate. Does she think Jionni doesn’t watch the show and won’t see all the discussions? Come clean Snooki. Jionni will be mad for like a day and will get over it, just like every other time. Why he is still with her, I have no clue. He seems like a nice guido juicehead, but clearly likes looking like a fool on tv. It was good to see my man PaulyD back on my screen too. I can’t believe he hooked up with Ryder though. Hopefully this season brings tons of drama and fighting and hook-ups. And lots of Ron Ron Juice. I have to believe that stuff is yummy. And potent.

Are Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel really engaged or is this just an US Weekly rumor? This makes me a bit sad as I always held out hope Britney and Justin would end up back together. Unrealistic, yes? But a girl can dream! Oh, and I also want Nick and Jessica back together. Sometimes (when B is out of town and L has gone to bed), I will throw in my old Newlyweds DVDs. I loved that show. The first few seasons were the best. Those were the good old days!

Have you heard any great celebrity gossip lately?  Watched any great reality tv?  Please share!

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  1. shannon dew

    haha I dished today too! UM…RHBH is slowly becoming my favorite season and as a loyal OC fan, that’s saying a lot. Brandi is a HOT MESS and you can almost see why Eddie would cheat on her, coocoo! And yeah, still not sold on JT & JB, at all. Miss him and Brit Brit ALMOST as much as Nick & Jess

  2. Lizzy

    awesome! i totally still make good use of my ‘newlyweds’ dvd’s whenever i have a chance – my husband makes fun of me so bad for even having that series on dvd (along with the first two seasons of laguna beach) so i feel like a sneaky alcoholic whenever i watch and then hide the evidence afterwards!

  3. Cindy

    I’ve been losing some brain cells watching all the RHs…! I’m thinking a lot of ladies would like to wish Mauricio a Happy Birthday! Can’t wait for OC next week!

  4. Sherrie

    Wow Cindy Crawford looks like Janice Dickinson with her new face! Looks like she OD’d on fillers!

  5. Farra

    “he seems like a nice Guido juicehead” has me cracking up over here!! Lol

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