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First of all, thanks for all the congrats and well wishes! We couldn’t be more excited. I am due in April and, it’s a BOY!!! Yep, L is going to have a brother. Which explains why I made it a priority after all this time to organize all of his baby clothes. And why I have been buying cheap diapers and baby stuff (*).  L is totally excited and has felt the baby (no names yet) kick and thinks that is super cool (which it totally is). He is going to be a great big brother!

Now, on to a few other pregnancy related issues:

    • Why doesn’t your stomach growl when you are pregnant?  Or does it for some people?  Mine doesn’t and it drives me insane.  I can be starving and it just has that “about to growl” feeling that just won’t go away.  It’s so odd.
    • Morning sickness does not happen only in the morning and does not go away at 12 weeks.  I was never sick with L, but this little guy, oh my!  It is true when they say “every pregnancy is different”.
    • Leah from Teen Mom 2 is reportedly pregnant again.  And engaged.  I have to say, Leah, you work fast.
    • I forgot how cool it was to feel a baby kicking.  It’s amazing how something so small can kick so hard!
    • When is Jessica Simpson due anyways?  She has been pregnant forever. Or at least we all thought she was pregnant forever?  And do we (and by we I mean the internet) know what she is having?

That’s about all the news I have to report here.  I won’t be posting weekly pregnancy updates or anything because I am pretty sure that if you wanted to know how big a baby was in comparison to a fruit at XX weeks, you could just GTS (**).   But if you have any interesting pregnancy facts or stories, I would love to hear them!


(*) Although, for the record, I can’t pass up a good deal and likely would have bought that stuff anyways. I loving putting together packages of baby / kid things I have gathered at amazing prices over the years and sending them to family & friends. Why not grab an extra set of pajamas, bibs, a few hardcover books, etc. at an amazing price for a friend who has a little one or who is expecting?? It doesn’t cost a lot and it’s a fun surprise to get in the mail!
(**) Google that shit. 

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