Patriotic Wreath – A DIY Project

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The Final Product

I’ve been eyeing this 4th of July / flag wreath on Pinterest for ages now. And ever since I got my mom hooked on Pinterest she’s been wanting to make it too. She did all the leg work on the project, including buying the materials and cutting the felt into squares. Ohh, and she actually pinned all the blue felt on the wreaths for us. Since we were making the wreaths at her house with both kids there, we knew we had to save time wherever we could.

Wreath Kit
Getting started with the blue felt.

I won’t give a tutorial of the entire project since the link above has better instructions than I could ever give, but I will share a few tips:

  • Cut the felt in advance and work on the project a different day.  Cutting the felt with scissors seems like it would be a pain in the butt.  My mom used a paper (?) cutter she already had, which made it a ton easier and we were sure that all out pieces were even.
  • Put each of the sections into individual ziplock bags. You should have 10 total (1 1 blue, 5 white and 4 red).  There is NO WAY you will be able to count the squares as you put them on the wreath, so don’t even try.
  • Getting started. And surprised by how easy it is.
  • If you want your wreath evenly spaces, mark your wreath off into 9 sections after pinning the blue felt.  We did not think of this till after our wreaths were 75% completed and there was no way I was going back and redoing it.
  • I totally should have spaced this better. I ended up with too little room and too much felt. I made it work though!

Unlike most of my other projects, I didn’t find myself overly annoyed.  It took a few hours, but that’s with an almost 4 year old and a newborn needing things every two minutes.  LOL.  We figured that the wreaths cost around $18 each (*).  Not too bad.  Although it’s not the 4th of July yet, I have the wreath hanging on my door.  For now I am calling it a Memorial Day decoration.  It will be a 4th of July one once Memorial Day is over.

So what do you think of the wreath?  If anyone makes one, let me know and send me a picture!  I want to see how everyone’s turned out!!!




(*) Cost / Materials Breakdown:
Red felt 6 sheets =. $1.50
White felt 6 sheets = $1.50
Blue felt 4 sheets = $1.00
Styrofoam wreath = $3.00
Pins 750 for $4.49 (used about half so $2.50)
Roll of ribbon (15 feet) $1.99 – used about 2 inches
Craft wire $5.99 (have tons left for more crafts)
Sparkle card stock $1.99 – used about 1/4 of the sheet, so about 50 cents
Total Cost: $17.98

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  1. karen

    Very nice! Kelsey and I will have to get to work.

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    I love it! Next project on my to do list! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Sherrie

    That turned out great, I love it!

  4. Hilary

    I freaking love this and definitely need to attempt it. Thanks for the idea! Ps.. I need to follow you on pinterest!

    1. Jennifer

      Oh, I have mine in the house. I want to look at my hard work!!!

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