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Dear Yogurt Place, Why did you have to have such a huge line the other night when I wanted some fro-yo.  It’s a damn good thing I don’t have to work and can come during the day next time.  Dear W, Why are you getting so big so fast?  Seriously you are already growing out of your 3 month clothes?  You aren’t even 2 months yet.  Slow it down.  Dear RHONJ, Don’t ever change.  Although I cannot stand anyone on the show, I still cannot stop watching.  Dear Get Off My Internets, Your snark cracks me up.  Dear Doctors Office, Ohhh, so my appointment is next week.  That explains why I didn’t get a call from you the other day reminding me of my appointment.  Perhaps I should have written that down better.  Dear Apple, Are you coming out with a new iPhone or what?  I want a better camera, but I want to wait for the newest and best.  Dear Guacamole,  Why do you have to turn brown on top the day after I bring you home?  It’s gross.  Dear Birchbox, now that I am ready to take the plunge and get a subscription, you are making me wait way too long.  Which makes me want it even more.  Dear Subway, Cutting the cheese in different shapes does not mean that it is different kinds of cheese.  We all know you only have one kind of cheese.  Dear B’s Co-Workers, I was not aware you were coming over for dinner at 4:30pm.  Last I heard you were “maybe” coming over at 6:30pm.  Hopefully this explains my surprise at seeing you all walk in the door with my husband.




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  1. Cristina

    I love Get Off My Internets! The best site ever! Other than your blog – seriously, you are so funny! Love that you are posting more now that you are “retired”

  2. Chantel Mann

    A little something I learned about the Guac to keep it from turning brown……..leave the avocado pit in it. As long as the pit is there it won’t turn brown! Just one of the many useful things learned in the last 10 year living in Mexico~

  3. Racheal

    I looooove this!!!! I’m offically going to check this site out every time you update. Sooo funny & real!!

  4. Lori

    It still turns brown even with the pit in it…. That’s one of those urban legends.
    I suggest you just eat it all at once!

  5. Dani

    I love GOMI too. I may or may not have a username there too. I am not saying.

    Also…how did you not kill B when he showed up so early with his coworkers?

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