Surviving a Newborn

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I am by no means an expert about newborns, but I have had two and unlike lots of people, really like newborns. Sure lack of sleep is annoying. But whatever. Here are some of my tips(*) to stay sane:

  • Leave the house.  Go alone.  Of course you need someone to stay home with the kid(s), but you need to go somewhere.  Target is my preferred destination, but really anything will work.  Even just a 20 minute car ride alone.  I have never had a winter baby, but I can imagine a winter baby would make the need to get out of the house even stronger.  It’s not like you and the baby can take a walk outside to get some fresh when it’s 10 degrees out.
  •  Take a shower.  I will never understand why people can’t take a shower when they are home alone with a baby.  Step 1.  Make sure the baby is fed and clean. Step 2.  Put the baby somewhere safe.  Step 3.  Take a shower.  It’s going to take what 5-10 minutes to take a shower?  Do it.
  • Don’t try and keep up with the Jonses’.  So your friend Susie uses cloth diapers? Betty down the street breastfeeds?  That’s awesome for them.  But if it’s not your thing, well, it’s not your thing.  They aren’t better moms than you. Well maybe they are, but not because of this. 😉
  • Put the books down.  No one knows your kid better than you.  Just because Dr. Sears recommends it, doesn’t mean you have to do it.  Maybe your kid won’t sleep unless he’s in his car seat?  Maybe your kid hates being swaddled. So then swaddling your baby and putting him to bed in his crib won’t work for you.  This stuff works for me.  But obviously it won’t work for everyone.
  • Get a Hobby.  Okay I get that taking care of a newborn is a lot of work.  Trust me, I get it.  But you still have to be you!  Take some time for just you.  Even if it’s just a few hours a week with a glass of wine to watch the Bachelorette.  Don’t me one of those people that has no interests other than their kids.  It’s weird.
  • Be Happy.  I totally believe that happy moms equal happy babies.  If you aren’t happy, your baby isn’t going to be too thrilled either.  If it’s more than just normal stress, by all means go get some help!  I am certain your baby will thank you!

What are your best tips for staying sane with a newborn??




(*) And you if you think my tips are dumb, just smile and nod and move on like I do when people share unwanted advice with me!

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  1. Shannon Dew

    Amen lady,amen! You and I are very similar at this mommy thing and I wish more mamas were laid back!

  2. Carolyn

    Coming from another mom with a 2 month old baby, this made me smile. SO true! Esp the getting out and getting a hobby part! If it means house work pushed aside, I get ME time. Love this!

  3. Alysia George

    I love your tips 🙂 I would add: Make time for your friends. This is *so* important! All your friends are important, but having mommy friends to commiserate with is such a huge stress reliever at times. If you don’t have any mommy friends, get some! Seriously, go to story time at the library or something.

    Also: accept help! I think some women want to be super woman from the moment they give birth. They want to prove they can do everything all on their own. But if you have people who want to help you babysit or whatever, it will be good for your sanity! And good for the baby to get used to being with someone else.

  4. karen

    Agree with all of your thoughts. It is much easier to take time for a shower with a newborn than a toddler when you are alone but it still can be done. Just can’t take the nice long showers.

  5. Amanda

    Oh, you can totally take a walk with a baby in the winter. Darren was born in February. It was cold as hell, but i was going insane. I put him in a sling, put my coat on over top, and went for a walk around town. I needed the fresh air for my sanity.

  6. Runjen

    I could have written every single one of these!

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