AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge + Eating Clean

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I’m feeling totally uninspired today and have no idea what to blog about.  So I suppose I will tell you all about my “diet”.  A friend of mine was talking about doing the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, but didn’t want to do it alone.  I thought about it and was like, heck why not, I’ll do it too.  Another one of our friends(**) sells it and SWEARS by it.  She uses the products daily and has been for years.  Plus, I figured I could do anything for 24 days right?

Advocare 24-Day Challenge
All ready for morning!

The first 10 days is a cleanse.  Not like a you can’t ever leave your house cleanse or anything like that though. It’s much easier than that.  Here’s a sample of your day:

Morning: Advocare Fiber Drink(*) + Fruit
Mid-Morning Snack: Fruit + Oatmeal or Hard Boiled Eggs (if needed)
Lunch: Salad or Veggies + Lean Protein & Complex Carbohydrate (think a salad with grilled chicken and hummus)
Afternoon Snack: Nuts, Rice Cakes w/ Peanut Butter, etc.
Dinner: Lean Protein + Veggies (think Salmon with broccoli) + Omegaplex (Advocare Product)
Evening Snack: Fruit
Bedtime: AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse Tablets + Water

You get the idea.  Basically it’s “clean” foods, tons of water and AdvoCare Products. Unlike some cleanses, you eat at every meal. You avoid fried foods, coffee, soda, dairy (milk, cheese, etc.), wheat (bread, crackers, etc.), alcohol, you know, all the good stuff! I won’t lie, I wanted to gnaw my arm off the first few days. Which is common. I mean, it’s a huge change going from pretzel M&M’s, Diet Pepsi & ice cream to water & fruit. But I stuck with it for the entire 10 days. And I lost 13 pounds! Granted, I just had a baby, but I believe the average loss is 5-12lbs? The remaining part of the challenge (Days 11-24) is a bit more liberal (and doesn’t include nasty fiber drinks). You can add in low carb wraps, almond milk, etc.  And I know you’ll ask about the caffeine withdrawal.  I used Spark to fix that.  At first 2-3 times a day.  Now I just drink it in the morning.  I should warn you that it has more caffeine than a Red Bull.  This is why my head didn’t pound like crazy when quitting Diet Pepsi cold turkey.

Now that I have done a horrible job of explaining this I will tell you that I completed the 24 day challenge last week and lost, wait for it, 22 pounds!  Again, I just had a baby so I know my results likely aren’t typical.  I didn’t take any measurements or any before / after pictures (that’s just not my style), but I feel way better, way better.  And B says he can tell the difference.  I plan to stick with the eating plan from the 11-24 day portion of the challenge until I reach my goal.  Save for a few meals out and fro-yo trips of course.  I never would have started eating clean if it wasn’t for this challenge, so I am thrilled I found it.  I learned just how much I love natural peanut butter, almonds, salmon, etc.  And I realized that I do not miss bread and cheese and other processed foods like I thought I would.  I mean really, I can now eat a salad with no cheese and no dressing and still enjoy it.  SERIOUSLY.  If I can do it, anyone can.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you I signed up to become a distributor of AdvoCare.  So basically if you click on the link and buy something, I get paid.  But I really just signed up because you get a 20% discount on products if you do ;).  And you know how I love me a deal.  But I’d be cool with you buying something too.  Because heck, why wouldn’t I like that?  But if you don’t and this I’m a nut case for even trying this, that’s cool too.  Because I really I just like that you actually read my blog!  I should also mention that if you are a professional athlete (I’m sure I have lots of readers that are) or care about that sort of thing, all the products are free from banned substances.

As a side note, if I fall off the wagon (which will be totally my own fault), you will likely never see another post about any of this.  So if I don’t mention it, don’t ask ;).




(*) This is the nastiest drink ever. The longer it sits, the thicker it gets. Vomit.
(**)  Jen is THE BEST.  And I’ve known her years and had NO IDEA she even had anything to do with AdvoCare.  Actually, I didn’t even know what Advocare was until another one of our friends started talking about it!

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  1. Kelly D

    If you mix the Fiber drink with a Spark it tastes much better! But your right, the longer it sits the thicker it gets.

    1. Jennifer

      I had heard that but never tried it! I learned quickly that you just gotta chug it!

    2. Jessica

      I also love to mix my Fiber drinks with freshly squeezed orange juice, especially the citrus flavor!!!

  2. stacey pawlak

    Holy Smokes…that’s a lot of pounds! I will remember this for after I have another kid some day. Although the thought of no wine and two children makes me want to shoot myself.

    1. Jennifer

      It’s only no wine for 10 days! Besides, I am pretty sure you lost the baby weight in about 2.2 seconds!!!!

  3. Heather

    Mix the fiber drink with 100% natural no pulp orange juice you can’t taste it at all and is just like drinking pulpy orange juice!

    1. Gina


      … This may sound stupid, but I don’t eat breakfast.. The thought of eating in the morning just makes me ill. If I do mix the fiber drink with orange juice, do I *have* to eat some fruit?? Or do you think that fresh squeezed juice can replace that??

      1. PAIGE

        lol I’m right there with you sister!

  4. blanca

    What if i just do the cleansing part?

  5. Alison

    I have the herbal cleanse in my closet right now – I’ve been too afraid to try it.

    1. Denise Mays


      I’ve had it for 3 months now, and was terrified to try it. I finally started on Sunday, and it’s NOTHING like what i expected. It’s actually been uneventful. Hoping to see some good results.

  6. Dianna

    Hi Jennifer!

    I have found that mixing the fiber drink with orange juice and using a straw makes it go down a LOT better!


  7. Jesaica

    What kind of meat can I have other than chicken ?? I’m trying to find the menu but I can’t

  8. crystal Harris

    Is it okay to take while you are breastfeeding and does it contain dairy?

    1. Jennifer

      It is NOT recommended for breastfeeding moms. There is a modified version that I can get e-mailed to you if you are interested. But f course I’d always recommend talking to your doctor.

      Advocare does offer a vegetarian shake, but it is made in a facility that produces dairy products, so it could have traces of milk protein.

  9. Wesley King

    Don’t need to avoid whole grain wheat it’s white flour you are to avoid at least I’m pretty sure on that. doing cleansing right now it’s a very gentle cleanse no worries at least not that I’ve found…

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