Banana (Raspberry) Soft Serve

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I read about making banana soft serve ice cream on a blog last week (I think it was HTP) and thought, yeah right, that would never work. So I tried it. We happened to have a banana that was on its last leg on the fruit bowl, so I threw it in the freezer(*).

After dinner, I thought I would give it a try. B was a skeptic and said he wasn’t even going to try it. But he helped. Shirtless.

I added frozen raspberries too.
For some reason I thought my mini food processor could handle the job. Wrong.
This is where B stepped in. I got out the big food processor and he went to work.
It really worked! We ended up with nice creamy treat! I’d say the texture was a tad thinner than soft serve, but thicker than say, yogurt. I should also mention that the banana I used wasn’t totally frozen.
For someone who didn’t even want to try it, he quickly changed his tune and cleaned the bowl. And LOVED it.
And I don’t blame him. It was GOOD.

Unlike many projects I’ve done, or food I’ve made, this actually worked! I think next time I might freeze the banana(s) longer. B says he liked it the way it was, but I want it a little thicker. We are already talking about adding in some PB2 powder to made peanut butter banana ice cream. Or even better, chocolate peanut butter banana ice cream. I personally want to try it topped with chocolate chips! L was in bed when we made this batch, but I am looking forward to him trying this.  Oh, be careful not to add too much stuff in because not everything blends up as creamy as bananas.  Have you ever made banana soft serve?  What did you / would you add (if anything)?




(*)With the help of B, I realized you need to peel bananas before you freeze them. Common sense is not always my friend.

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  1. Erika

    I would have never known to freeze the banana without a peel, but good thing you said so because I really want to try this now. haha!

    1. Jennifer

      I’m so so so glad it isnt just me.

  2. Dani

    I dont think I would have known to peel the banana first. Interesting.

    1. Jennifer

      Okay, I really thought it was only me. I have frozen bananas in the past with the peel on been super confused on what went wrong after taking them out.

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