Friday iPhone Dump

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I haven’t had my iPhone out that much this week, so some of these are “real camera” pictures. I’m a cheater. Whatever.

1. L’s haul from the 4th of July parade.  For a small town parade, he sure did clean up.  Of course, he had the help of his 10 year old cousin (*). I’m not sure L knew that there was going to be candy throwing.  He thought we were just dragging him out in the heat to watch a boring old parade.  No way kid.  We are more fun than that!

2. All tuckered out from the 4th of July fun.  W’s job of looking cute had him exhausted.

3. There is no story behind this picture at all. I just thought some of the B’s fans who read this would like it. Yeah, and I could not talk him into the orange bathing suit.

4. L doesn’t pose for as many photos as he should used to, but sometimes the best shots are when he’s least expecting it.  I called him name, snapped a picture and off he result. The result may be one of my all time favorite pictures of him.

5. As I mentioned earlier, L is super into tubing.  He thinks he is the best tuber ever because he has only fallen off once.  Yeah, he (well they) fell off.  When you go to slow, the tube kinda flips over.  Actually, it stands up.  So B had to drive faster.  They were going SO FAST, that E (my cousin’s daughter – no clue what that makes her and L?) was able to fix her hair.  LOL.

6. I told you I bought too many 4th of July outfits.  I figure that this hat will work for the Games too.  The hat is too big though, so let’s hope W’s head grows by then.  And in case anyone is wondering, the hat is by MJK Knits and I got in a few weeks ago on Zulily.

7. He’s a fish.  A super duper cute kid.  I love the things he picks up when he hangs out with older kids (I know I won’t always love this).  Now when you ask him if something was easy or hard, he says “that was easy peasy lemon squeezy”.  So stinking cute.

8.  My cousin M, who just turned 21, came over for dinner on the 4th, so of course I made her hold W.  When I told her he slept through the night, she said “don’t you want to wake him up to play with him”?  Umm, never.  W, however, liked this idea and now wants to know when M is going to babysit him so that they can get up at 3am and play!

9.  And finally, my boys on the 4th.  In some pictures W is happy.  In some pictures L is happy.  You can’t have both all the time I suppose.  Although I totally wish you could.




(*) No wait. This was another one of my cousins kids.

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  1. Amanda

    L and E (your cousin’s kid) are third cousins. You and E are second cousins. (I have no idea I fill my mind with this sort of useless crap.)

    1. Jennifer

      Whew! Thank you Amanda!!!

  2. michelle

    LOL, just came to tell you about the third cousin mystery. But I see Amanda beat me! Love these photos! You have a lot of great ones…W smiling, L smiling, a cute one of them both and a good one of B. Now, where’s mommy? 😉

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