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~Okay so I figured out how to fix my little Facebook problem. Well, not really, but I removed all that “stuff” that was with my Spanish Facebook widget. So strange. I also added an Instagram feed to the side in case you need to know what’s happening in my life at all times. Also, why is WordPress so confusing? Seriously, it’s like in another language. Actually, it is another language. It’s in programmer code.  Which is even worse than another language.

~B is headed back to school this fall thanks to the GI Bill. Sure he doesn’t need to go college, but it’s free. Free college. How can he not go? Wait, I shouldn’t say it’s free. He earned that free tuition during those years of making next to nothing while living on a cot in the middle of Afghanistan.  I certainly didn’t earn my free college, but I do plan on paying it forward to L and W.

~Since we like to keep things crazy busy over here, we will not only be getting our basement flooring redone in the next few months, we are also planning on getting a patio installed. This should totally test my patience as I cannot stand living in a construction zone. It shouldn’t be that bad though since at least the patio is outside (duh). Back when we lived in the condo, we got the kitchen redone. Like REDONE. New cabinets, new flooring, everything. Having the fridge / stove / dishwasher, etc. in that tiny living room was not my idea of fun. Oh and we also got our bathroom totally redone while living there. B was out of town for the entire process and I was pregnant with L. That was super fun too. And then what happened? Umm, we moved. Our tenant is living in much better diggs than we did when we were there.

~If you have a blog and read my blog, will you leave me a comment with your blog link so I can add you to my blogroll?  Assuming your blog doesn’t suck of course.  Although I am sure if you like my blog, I will like yours too.

~If you live in a state other than Michigan, do you know what Superman ice cream is?  I assumed that this was just a standard kids ice cream, but now I’m not so sure.  In case you don’t know, it’s red, blue and yellow ice cream mixed together.  I believe the most delicious Superman includes Blue Moon, Red Pop and Lemon ice creams.  But this can vary depending on where you get it from.

~Could pregnant Vanessa Lachey be any cuter?  Between her and Kristin Cavallari, I don’t know who I am more jealous of.    I do think Nick and Vanessa are super cute together, but I do still wish him and Jessica were back together on Newlyweds ;).  I LOVED that show.  Loved it.  MTV should replay that on their #RetroMTV mornings (The Hills is on right now, but Laguna Beach is often on too).  B has some out of town trips in the near future and I just may have to bust out the dvds.

~L and W’s pictures got canceled today.  Not only is it raining, but the photographer was sick.  I can’t say that I am sad since I was SO unprepared.  This buys me a few more days.  So seriously, I need ideas.  The pictures will be outside and the boys will be together in some and alone in some.  HELP!

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  1. Shannon Dew

    OK Vanessa is ADORBS! I can’t see any pics of Kristen but I bet she’s just as cute!

  2. Kelly

    If the armys gi bill works like the af….. You can pass the free college to your kids. It’s really nice.

    1. Jennifer

      It does work the same way, but since B isn’t in the Army anymore it doesn’t apply to us ;(.

  3. Hilary

    How did I miss that Vanessa is preggo?? I am in VA and had never heard of Superman ice cream BTW!

  4. Amanda

    my blog: http://www.needmyownshow.blogspot.com and no, it does not suck! I’ve never heard of Superman ice cream, so it might just be a Michigan thing and hells yes I wish MTV would play Newlyweds. LOVE that show. Either MTV or Netflix needs to replay it. Seriously.

    1. Jennifer

      Added you!!

  5. Ellen A.

    I’m at http://atwellnerdlife.blogspot.com and I don’t think I suck, although sometimes I forget to post… lol.

    I’ve never heard of Superman ice cream, but I’ve heard of Superman drinks (strawberry daiquiri, pina colada, and blue carocao)!

    1. Jennifer

      Added you! And that drinks sounds amazing!!

    1. Jennifer

      Added you! Thanks for reading!

  6. April

    Oh, I can’t wait to see the pics. Lots of cute picture ideas on Pinterest — as I am sure you already know.

    Add me to your blog roll!

    1. Jennifer

      Added!! Love that you are back to blogging!

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