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I am sure you figure it out by now, but we spent the 4th of July “up-north”. I’d give you a full in detail recap on the trip, but there are only so many pictures I can post of L jet-skiing, tubing, swimming, jumping off the dock, etc. And only so many shirtless pictures of B(*). And only so many pictures of W, well, being a baby. So I’ll just stick with the highlights.

    • So my up-north cousins are very crafty.  Actually, I have cousins on both sides of the family who are very crafty.  The up-north ones have had a few rock sales to earn money for basketball camp.  I had them paint me a “family rock” over Memorial Day and picked up my MSU one which was in for repairs (I may or may not have expected a painted rock to stay perfect in all sorts of weather for 2 years 😉 this weekend.  It looks as looks good as new.  You’d be amazing at the number of people who complement my rocks ;).
    • During the car ride up (and back), I was once again able to catch up on all my tabloid reading on my iPad.  I didn’t get a chance to start one of the million new books I keep meaning to read, but I will.
    • Buddy spent most of his weekend in the lake, chasing ducks.  He wants to catch them so bad, but they stay just out of his reach.

  • One night, B and L and I (and the dogs) decided to take a sunset cruise on the boat.  W didn’t want to go, so he stayed with his Nana.  All was well until we ran out of gas.  We switched tanks (or whatever the technical term for that is) and still couldn’t go.  This went on for about 2 minutes.  Long enough to wonder what I would do if we were stuck on the lake.  I decided that calling my Uncle to come and pick us (meaning me and the little boys) up on his boat would be the best idea.  Luckily it started and I didn’t have to worry.  The view was worth it though.
  • After our return home, I made a beeline over to BabyGap to check out their 4th of July sale.  Total score.  I got tons of stuff for the boys including the cutest flip flops ever for W.  Seriously.  I made him wear them to the grocery store.

  •  Speaking of the grocery store (aka over priced “gourmet market”), I realized that eating clean is kinda pricey.  But not as pricey as eating out.  I mean, it would be cheaper if I didn’t insist of buying yellowfin tuna steaks.  They are so good though.  I never liked fish when I was pregnant, so I am making up for it.
  • Also when we got back to civilization, we ran to Target and discovered that the summer clearance has started!  It’s only 30% off right now, so I just picked up a few things, but the stalking has begun (began?).  I have been wanting one of these fruit baskets (or whatever they are) since I saw them.  It’s so cute that it makes me want to eat fruit more ;).
  • And finally, one last picture of up-north fun.  My cousins (different ones) have a waterslide that they dragged out for L to play on in the water.  He was in love.  I’m not sure who had more fun, him or my cousins who think he’s a complete trip!




(*) Going up-north saves me tons of laundry because all B wears are his swim trunks. Or shorts and no shirt. Shirts are rare up-north.

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  1. Cindy

    Those rocks are cute and very entrepreneurial of your cousins!! Funny that you want a “lifetime guaranty” on the paint job ;)! Looks like you guys had some good times up north!! (I saw the “computer guy” on FB last night — I think I used to babysit that computer guy!!!!!)

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