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Ever since I got my hands on the 2013 IKEA catalog, I have been anxious to get there. So on Friday, I suggested to B that we make a “quick trip” there and he agreed (I don’t even think he was drunk). So Saturday morning we headed out. I briefly wondered if we needed to take a bigger car, but forgot all about it as we set off in our Ford Edge with two kids in the back.

IKEA is over an hour from our house so it’s not really a quick trip. But whatever. Because I am a genius, I didn’t even check to see what time they opened. Trust me, I was a bit concerned when we rolled up to a fairly empty (for IKEA anyways) parking lot. But it was open and we scored an amazing spot in the “Family” parking lot.  Before we left, I decided that I would wear WB and told Bryan not to load the stroller in the car.  This was pretty much the best decision I made that day.

Note to self: Never travel to IKEA without a child.

The plan was to pick up a bookcase for the playroom (aka the choo choo room) and a desk.  I have finally given up my dream of a Pottery Barn desk.  After 4 years I have realized this likely isn’t happening anytime soon.  And something to hold spices on the wall in the pantry.  And whatever other assorted crap I saw.  We buzzed through the showroom with our pencil and paper and carefully marked what we wanted and where it was located.  There was some discussion about the Expedit desk system and how many bookcases we should get.  I was all what, like two?  B insisted on three, so three it was.

Testing the chairs.

We stopped when we got to the shopping area (does this have a name?) to do a Spin Art project.  Umm, if it’s crafty AND free, I am all over it.  I guess our local (Canton, MI) IKEA does this every Saturday in August.  So L made a fabulous piece. I wanted to make one too, but I didn’t want the people running it to think I was a nut case, so I didn’t. I should have pretended it was for WB. Oh, and I let L pick out one thing, ANY ONE THING, in the kids toy area. I thought it was a safe bet because nothing is more than what, like $10? And what does he pick? Trains. Of course. Whatever. $9.99 for some trains / train tracks is a score.

Spin Art
The final product.

While in the shopping area, I found some bedding that I loved and threw it in my cart.  B lied and said he liked the pillows I liked so I bought those too.  B only says these things to hurry me up.  In reality, he has no opinion either way.  Oh and I laid eyes on a Monstag mirror and decided we needed that too.  Never mind that we already have one (see my post here).  As we get to the warehouse section, I start to look for my list.  GONE.  I may or may not have handed this list to L and told him to “be careful”.  Oddly enough, he wasn’t.  Totally my fault.  Whatever, I knew where everything was.

Something about IKEA makes me think I drive a mack truck.  Mirror and cart o’ crap not pictured.

After checking out and grabbing our free yogurt (we joined IKEA Family), we headed to the car.  And surprise!  Our stuff didn’t fit.  Shocker.  B’s idea was to return something.  GASP.  As if dude, as if.  I suggested we take everything out of the boxes and go from there.  Had I not thought B’s head was going to pop off from being so annoyed I would have taken a picture.  A few people walked by and kinda looked at us like, well, we were idiots.  Pretty sure you’re going to have a garage full of cardboard to deal with when you people get home.  Me?  Mine’s in the recycle bin at IKEA ;).  So anyways, I made it all fit.  But yeah, next time I am bringing a bigger car.  Thank goodness we didn’t bring the stroller.  As it was, we almost had to leave the children behind.

I didn’t take a picture of my final haul, but we got LILLABO trains, PLASTIS ice cube trays (perfect for making crayons), KALAS silverwear, bowls, cups and plates (I can never pass these up), a SLOM jar (for storing craft stuff), MULA block wagon (because I love blocks, CHOSIGT funnels and ISTAD bags.  Plus the stuff I actually took pictures of before putting away.

Playroom storage. Total cost: $69.99

I was thrilled to learn that these Pottery Barn buckets (that I already had and was using) fit perfect in the Expedit shelving units.  This is what really started my need for the IKEA trip.

Love.  Total cost $260.

And here is my new desk.  It’s the Expedit desk, plus three Expedit shelving units.  For $260.  The Pottery Barn desk top alone costs $242.  ON SALE.  My SIL has pretty much the same set-up, but also has drawers and doors for her cubes.  Pretty sure I need to go back so I can be cool too.  Oh, and we want to grab another shelving unit and a chair to finish out the room.  I ordered some orange organization stuff from The Container Store and cannot wait to post pictures of the final product!

If I wasn’t so lazy, I would have ironed that duvet. Duvet: $49.99.  Five red decorative pillows: $64.95 ($12.99/each).  Throw: $29.99.
The pillows aren’t my normal style, but why not?

I think I have finally learned my lesson and won’t be buying expensive bedding anymore.  With two dogs who sleep in our bed and a 4 year old who eats breakfast in there, it’s just dumb to have a $300 duvet cover.  But this ALVINE STRA one, at $49.99 (it included pillowcases) was perfect.  I cannot find the pillows (they are the EISIV cushions) online?  They are kind of funky, but in a good way.  Plus, I saw some cool looking college girls getting some, so I thought they must be stylish.  When I go back, I need to get another OFELIA throw to even out the bottom of the bed.

Ohh, you are supposed to measure before you buy??  Mirror: $129.

And finally, my MONGSTAG mirror.  I’ve been wanting a mirror over the fireplace (instead of the clock we used to have), but never got around to looking for one.  At $129, I just don’t think you can bet the price on this mirror?  Except until I got it home and realized it just doesn’t fit.  Oops.  It’s now in the entry way until we decide what to do with it.  I’m guessing it just stays in the entry way.

Phew, that’s my IKEA haul.  Not too bad.  We go about once a year (with a trip back there about a week later to pick up what we should have gotten the first time, but didn’t).  And oddly, we always go in August, just after the annual catalog arrives.  Hmm, I wonder if those IKEA people are on to something? I’ll be headed back there this week (I hope) to grab the other things I need.

Have you been to IKEA lately?  What’d you get?  Or what are you lusting after in the catalog?

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  1. A new Ikea opened right near our house (15 min car ride) in Melbourne and I went just last week! But one of the things I bought didn’t fit together properly so I have to take it back. I’m also going back soon to get Expedit shelves. I really want the 4 x 4 and 5 x 5 but now looking at your pictures I’m thinking perhaps that’s the way to go… I’m so glad you said those buckets were from Pottery Barn! I was thinking I didn’t see them in Ikea and was getting annoyed!!

  2. Cindy

    Good stuff! The throw is my fav I think! If you ever get in a bind again…call us and I will drive G ‘s truck over!! In fact, I am in the process of scheming how to get him and truck there — I hate manual labor!!

    1. Jennifer

      Cindy that would have been perfect! B and I could have taken the truck home and you could have had our car. And the kids!!! I mean, I would have wanted them back. Eventually.

  3. stacey pawlak

    We were at Ikea in the winter time and they had that for the kids. Maddy could barely stand, but I made her do a painting…it looks so cute…and is an Ikea frame of course!

    Love the desk. I was just there and bought another expedit and made it into a playroom bench. Followed the directions from iheart organizing. 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Ohhh,I want to see the bench!!! I love that website!

    2. Andreea

      I really wish we had an IKEA close to where I live. I’d ehteir have to drive to Charlotte, NC (3+ hours) or Washington DC area (4+ hours). My brother used to Luce in Novi and he practically furnished his whole house from IKEA. I wouldn’t furnish my entire house with it, but I know I wouldn’t feel bad about getting a few things here and there knowing how much cheaper it is than the coveted alternatives (Pottery Barn, etc). Great finds, Jen! I love seeing your decorating ideas.

  4. Hilary

    I love Ikea bedding – have tons of it. Overstock has awesome, cheap, duvet covers too [I’m talking $30!].

  5. Dani

    Doors and drawers help hide a lot of stuff. That is why I need. I am also very cool 😉 Can’t wait to see it all organized (although techincally I have because I am reading your blog in reverse order. Details.).

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