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~If you follow me on Instagram, you know that WB and I went to IKEA. Just WB and I. My mom and L were supposed to go, but L woke up not feeling super hot, so stayed with his Nana. And since I didn’t want germy L hanging out with WB any more than he had to, off we went. WB was a good shopping partner, however, he can’t carry much. Or push a cart. In fact, he’s too little to even sit in a cart and there was no way I could bring a stroller since, umm, I “needed” too much stuff. So wore him. And we power shopped.

Such a good boy.
I wised up and brought a larger car this trip.

~L felt “okay” all day, but soon after B came home, it all went to h*ll. He was burning up. So warm hot. Fearing he had strep, or west nile, or something super scary, I took him to Urgent Care (which is two minutes from our house). Longest wait ever. And you know what made it longer? L vomiting all over me / us while we were waiting. To make a long story short, L just has a virus. No freaky scary disease. And his hate for IV’s (aka “blood things”) are at an all time high these days. I don’t know who wanted out of there more. Me to go home and shower since I smelled like barf. Or him because he was SO pissed about getting blood drawn / having a hep-lock in. Clearly I didn’t have any time to watch Honey Boo Boo last night.  But today?  He’s feeling MUCH better.  Oh, and I asked the doctor if I should quarantine L so that WB didn’t catch it.  He doctor was like oh no reason for that, whatever it is is all over the house by now.  I have to admit, I like an realist.
~If those n*aked pictures are really of Prince Harry, well then I like him even more. Can’t he just go out and have a good time in Vegas. Geez. But the real issue here is the quality of the cell phone images. Really? Those look like they were taken in complete darkness with some sort of flip phone. Couldn’t he have brought home some girls with iPhones?
~L is in love with the box that my EKTORP chair came in.  He loves it.  And it is pretty awesome.  He’s got a whole man cave set up in that thing.  And he insists that Buddy and Baxter go in it with him.  And they do.

Not pictured: Baxter. Don’t worry. He won’t get away with that for long.
See. Baxter couldn’t escape for long.

~I am still working on the office makeover and I fear I may need to make another trip to IKEA for another EXPEDIT bookcase. I want to put a tv in there and need something to hold it. My orange “accent” / organization items from The Container Store haven’t arrived (or even shipped) yet. I cannot wait to get them.  I wish we had a Container Store here.  Wait, maybe it’s better that we don’t.

B says I can’t hang anything on the walls. Good thing he’s gone a lot so I can do it when he’s not home.

~So they named (or are going to name) Michael Strahan as Kelly’s new cohost on Live with Kelly.  I’m totally excited.  Totally.  They make a good pair.
~What is it about Etsy that makes you think you need like everything?  I went to order pillow covers and got sucked into looking at necklaces.  And art.  So many crafty people out there!
~And just in case you were losing sleep over what bag I decided to buy,  I went with the Quinn in Orange Sherbet (and OMG, I really thought it was spelled Sherbert).  And got a matching wallet.  B saw the Rachelle bag and was like ick, I hope you didn’t get that one.  Say what??  I liked that bag!

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  1. Ginny Millett

    Just wanted to say… I absolutely love reading your blog. 🙂 I can’t wait to try the paint balloons (maybe this weekend). When your done making your house pretty… I’ve got a clean slate… ahahah 🙂

  2. julie

    I think I need to go to IKEA just for a box like that. my boys would LOVE that.

  3. Brian h

    Why can’t you put anything on the walls?

  4. Stacey pawlak

    Ahhhhhh spoiler alert- was waiting for Kelly’s big announcement on sept 4th!

    You have a very good WB! I only live 30 mins and rarely bother making the drive, and when I do I drop maddy off at Karen’s ( she lives right there). A baby in Ikea is brave! Amazing!

  5. Dani

    You are very Dooce like with your new blogging office. At least that is what I am calling it. As for Harry, that second picture looks less like he is giving that girl a bear hug and more like he is about to give that girl some sexy times!

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