So What Wednesday

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It’s So What Wednesday over at Life After I Dew and I’m linking up! This week I am saying SO WHAT if….

~I chop up my salads before I eat them.  Somehow I just feel like they taste better chopped.
~L has skipped his last three swim lessons.
~I am seriously considering a trip to Vegas soon.  I’m sure B can handle the kids / house / dogs for a few days right?  HAHAHAHA.
~I 90% of my blog posts in advance.  Doesn’t everyone?
~I feel like the amount of time it takes B to cut the lawn is excessive.  Seriously, it took him nearly 3 hours on Sunday.  Our property is not even close to being big.  Stop screwing around out there.
~I wouldn’t be surprised if W got out of his Bumbo on his own one day.  He’s nuts in there.
~I gave Bryan the dirtiest look ever when he asked me where his “white clothes” were the other day. You were away all of last weekend and drank your face off this weekend, so don’t ask me about the laundry. Wear a dark shirt.
~It cracks me up that my brother went off to read KERF after I posted about her last week. For the record, he thinks she’s nuts too. He’s all “what’s her job”. Umm, that’s it. Taking pictures of her oatmeal.
~I am one of the millions in America who loves that song (“Home”) that they played during woman’s gymnastics in the Games. I am not even ashamed that I like a song by an American Idol. Wait, maybe I am a little.
~I wish I could afford to get a monthly subscription to every goodie box they have. I love mail that much.
~I let L get ice cream from the ice cream truck the other night after he was already in bed. In my defense, he wasn’t asleep yet and I had promised him earlier in the day…

That’s it from here. What are you saying so what to this week?

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  1. Brian h

    Yup, that’s pretty much what KERF is all about . Pictures of oatmeal…..and bread…..and how much better than you she is because she eats healthy. Oooooohhhhhh!!!!

  2. karen

    Are you going to make William give up his Bumbo because a few parents stick their kid in one and forget about them so now they have a big recall?

  3. Jenn

    We have a “must chop the salad” unspoken rule at our house. It’s how we all like it.
    Ha on the lawn comment! I always tell my husband it’s like a break for him. He doesn’t agree so much in the 95+ heat.

    Don’t be ashamed of liking Phillip Phillips. He’s awesome!

  4. Kristin

    Chopped salad is a MUST! Tastes way better. At our house it’s a toss up between the lawn and washing the truck…..put them together and you have yourself a wasted day.

  5. Briana

    Well, I had to go check out KERF after reading your blog. WTH?! She got to go on a free trip to Africa?? Maybe a food blog is where it’s at!

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