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So last week on Live with Kelly, she and Nick (Lachey) were discussing wedding rings. Asking if you ever take them off, etc. Both Nick and Kelly take theirs off all the time. Kelly says she loses hers on a regular basis.  As do I. In fact, I can’t even say that I wear my wedding ring on a regular basis. Or even my engagement ring for that matter.

I didn’t wear my wedding ring much at all when I was pregnant. It fit but was snug and I can’t stand having a “ring line” at the end of the day. I pretty much wore my engagement ring all the time though. But now that W is here I wash my hands so much (diaper changes, baths and then SO MUCH LOTION) that I rarely wear either. I try to remember to put them on when I go out, but I don’t always succeed. The paparazzi would have a field day if I were a star. Sometimes I don’t even wear either my rings when B and I go out (alone or with the kids). Do people notice this kind of thing? Hopefully they think I am running around with a married man. As for B, he wears his ring all the time. All the time.

I can’t say for sure or not if B cares whether or not I wear my rings? I mean, I’ve never asked and he’s never commented. So pretty much he doesn’t care. I LOVE my rings and wouldn’t trade them for anything (except maybe some huge Harry Winston rock), but wearing them (or not wearing them) doesn’t mean anything. To me anyways. It’s not like I’m not married if I don’t wear them. LOL. And I feel the same way about B. He knows he’s married. If he elects not to wear a ring, so be it. Although, it would be kind of strange if he just started not wearing it only on business trips or something ;). So what do you think? Do you wear your ring(s)? Does your husband? Would you be upset if he didn’t want to (or doesn’t) wear one? And turn the tables, would he be upset if you didn’t want to wear one??

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  1. Kimberly

    My husband does not wear a ring, not because he does not want to, because he got in an altercation after tailgating at the Bears Game all morning. He had to get his wedding ring sawed off and has six screws holding his bones together where your ring sits on the ring finger. Needless to say when he tries to wear it that part of his finger turns blue and begins to swell. Very weird. I don’t really notice that he does not wear it but when he does I really notice it. ~Kim

  2. julie

    Josh never wears one. I think he’s worn it a total of 3 weeks in 5 years. I don’t care. Like you said, it doesn’t make him NOT married.

  3. Angela

    T doesn’t wear one because he doesn’t have a ring finger on his left hand. He tried wearing it on his right hand but it’s uncomfortable when he works. It doesn’t bother me but I wear mine pretty much every day.

  4. Alysia George

    Neither of us wear our rings, like ever. I don’t even think about it anymore, lol! I love my rings too, just never wear them.

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