Weekend Recap + A Few Questions

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Get that giraffe WB.

So crowded.

Just swinging.

Our weekend was a combination of crazy and boring. B had school Friday night (doesn’t that sound fun?), so it was just me and the little boys. I finally let L play outside Friday and he was thrilled. And he’s totally 100% better, which we are all glad about.

Saturday was a day of stay at home fun (and chores for B). I think? I can’t even really remember what we did on Saturday. Clearly it was super fun. All I know was that we played trains (what’s new) and got take-out from the local BBQ place.  Love.

Sunday I went to the casino and IKEA with my mom.  Hello, the casino and IKEA in the same day??  Perfect. I won at the casino which is amazing since I typically play to lose.  But luckily we had to go to IKEA so I was motivated to leave.  IKEA was insane.  Insane.  So crowded.  But I got what I needed (except for this fake grass which I am now stalking the website to find out when it comes back in stock) and that’s all that matters.  I also purchased another Ektrop chair (can you say impulse buy?) for the playroom.  I am rather annoyed sitting on the floor in there all the time, so this will be good.  B spent the afternoon putting together my purchases. Why can he put together things in two seconds when it takes me hours?   Whatever.

Okay and now a few questions for you guys:
1). What site do you use for canvas prints? I want to get a bunch for the office but obviously I want them to be fairly very cheap.
2). Where can I get super cute / original kids Halloween costumes. Is Etsy my only option?
3). What do you want to see more of on the blog? I can tell you all like giveaways, but what else? Are reviews boring? Are link-ups annoying? I need to know.
4). Where can I get some super cute 1st Day of Preschool type printables?

What’d you do this weekend? And thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. Brian h

    So I’m clear…. you went to IKEA three times in a week?

    1. Jennifer

      So you are clear, yes.

      1. Brian h

        Just so the readers know it is about 40ish mile from your house. One way!

        1. Jennifer

          LOL. Some days I drove farther than that for work.

          1. Mom

            We drove to Toronto before there was a Michigan store.

          2. Jennifer

            And Chicago!!! If WB had a passport (or even a birth certificate) we could go to Canada again!

  2. Julianne

    Try cgproprints.com…..I have ordered from them and they are great quality and great prices!!

  3. melanie

    i love your reviews – they are totally spot on!

  4. Christi

    As far as cheap canvas prints, you could try Walmart’s faux canvas prints….11 x 14 is only $20….that way if you want to change them out often, no biggie!

  5. Kelsey

    Youre so crafty I bet you could make the boys their costumes. Last year for Mason I put him in a long sleeve onesie and white pj pants and wrapped him in gauze to make him a mummy. It was last minute but he looked adorable.

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