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Dear Lady at Salad Place
, My baby is not “tiny”, but thanks for throwing in your two cents in on it. Your 5 month old who weighs nearly 2x what WB does is just huge. Enormous actually.

Dear WB, Finding you sleeping FACE DOWN in your crib might be the scariest thing ever. I’ve tried to tell you how freaky it is, yet you don’t care and continue to do it.

Dear Groupon, Thank you for actually sending me my package, even if you sent me the wrong tracking number first. My husband LOVES his iPhone controlled helicopter (anniversary gift). That, along with the Mantry Crate has scored me major points. Major.

Dear UPS Man, Mailman, FedEx Man, etc., I am so sorry about this week. Well actually I am not sorry and I am loving all the packages I am getting. But I do feel like maybe I should consider holiday gifts for you all.

Dear Blog Readers who click on my links and buy things, Seriously, I love you. I cannot tell you how much I love free stuff. For real, you rule. Just so you know, I don’t make a red cent from blogging. It just makes my hobby and my giveaways (I am having another one soon BTW) less expensive for me!

Dear B, Just because you thought about bringing me home flowers on our anniversary doesn’t mean anything.  It’s not the thought that counts in a situation like this.

Dear Vacation, It’s going to be a LONG time before we see each other again.  But still I am very excited.  Although I am not sure the term “vacation” really applies when you have little kids.  It’s just moving the chaos to a more fabulous location.

Dear Kroger Gas Station, Wow, you sure are a complete clusterbleep.  Oh my.  Cars moving every direction, cutting each other off, all in an effort to be able to pump their gas first.    Insanity.  And to the lady in front of me, who still did not have her credit card ready and spent five minutes sitting at the pump looking for it (after waiting in line), you suck.  Part of me thinks you did it (so slowly) on purpose just to p*ss me off, but since I was only swearing at you in my head, that’s unlikely.

Dear My Friends, Sometimes I get the most hysterical texts from you guys and they make my entire day.  Getting a text about the same thing I am laughing about?  That’s the best and I love you guys!

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  1. Kristi

    Some people just have fat babies.

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. I know. Lucas was FAT.

  2. Julie

    I did have a tiny baby and it SUCKS to have people look at you like you’re doing something wrong b/c of it. I’m 5’2, hubby is 5’7. Together we do not create the jolly green giant.

    1. Jennifer

      I work HARD to feed the WB and I KNOW you worked hard to feed your kids as well!!!!

      1. Julie

        definitely! Conner was TINY; literally in 6-9mo clothes when he turned one. They wanted me to feed on demand even in the middle of the night. he’s average now but I know how hard it is to have a small baby. some people suck

  3. Kristin

    I have BIG babies! No one believes me when they ask “how old is he?” I tell them an they say “NO WAY” and he must be a “BIG EATER”. Oh and my favorite since I am clearly overweight still, “he must like food like his Mama”. Really. Shut the F up strange people! All kids are different. Mine are perfectly healthy and rarely have junk food. And still eat at least 70% organic. It reminds me of when someone asked if my son, Preston, was slow because at 15 months was not talking back to them in line at Kroger. She thought he was 3. Nice, Huh!?

    1. Jennifer

      LMFAO. Did someone really say that he must like food like his mama? OMG really? I am dying. People should keep their comments where they belong. In their heads.

      1. Kristin

        Yes, yes they did! I was embarrassed for me, and letting my weight get so out of control. Even if some of it was from a dysfunctional Thyroid!

        The one where the woman asked if P was slow, that almost got her a punch in the face. People need to keep their mouths shut!! Lol.

  4. Karen

    I have a tiny baby too. She’s almost 14 months and not quite 20 lbs. I constantly hear “wow she’s so tiny”, “how old is she, about 9 months?” and “she’s too little to be walking”. She eats a lot, she is just constantly moving…running, climbing, jumping & dancing, she burns it off. It’s hard not to feel judged by people when they make comments like that, but as long as the doctor thinks she good, that’s the only thing that matters to me. I don’t need to defend myself to some random strangers.

  5. Lori Haas

    My all time favorite baby story is when some lady in walmart asked my friend “when her baby was due?” ANSWER – ahhhhhhh…..a month ago…..she was pushing him in the cart in his carseat.

  6. Heidi

    ha ha! moving the chaos to a more fabulous location, LOVE IT!!

    new follower via Friday’s Letters 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I tried to comment on your blog but it’s not working for me? Anyways, I’ll get you some of those cans if my Target still has them!

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