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~Today is my 6 year anniversary. B’s too actually ;). Sometimes I can’t believe it’s been that long. It feels like just yesterday! And then, some days I feel like we’ve been married forever. I looked back and realized I said pretty much the same thing last year.  Oh well, at least I am consistent!  I can’t imagine life without B. I’ll spare you the million wedding pictures (that’s why this isn’t getting it’s own post), but it’d be wrong if I didn’t include at least one.

Yes that is real and we actually climbed that rock. Anything for a cool picture.

~Although I am super annoyed with Groupon (as noted here), that didn’t stop me from ordering more Groupon goods over the weekend. Can you blame me? These blocks look so cute and I’ve never seen such a thing.  Perhaps someone should remove the Groupon app from my phone.  It’s too easy.

I could have done without a picture of a foot. Kid’s foot or not, it’s still a foot.

~I ordered some labels for L’s school stuff (from Label Daddy). I’m not sure I knew such a thing existed until this year? Such a great idea. Umm, way better than sharpies which is what I used to do for L’s stuff at daycare. Anyways, I got the labels last week. They all looked great and I love them. And then I got to the big one that would go in L’s backpack. Umm, that’s not my phone number on the label. I have no idea whose number it is, but I know it’s not mine. Was I drunk when I ordered these?? B thinks I was just half asleep, but that cannot be the case. I do all of my best shopping when I am half asleep (see groupon purchases above).

Although it is not mine, I blurred the number anyways. You can never be too careful.

~I still have not decided on what L and WB are being for Halloween. I’m not sure why I am acting like this is the most important decision of my life either. I have made much bigger decisions in way less time. I am deciding between Scooby and Scrappy-Doo or some sort of superhero combo. I think L would be down with either. He really wants to be Buzz Lightyear, but come on, he was already that one year. I do not want to buy the same costume all over again!

~Has anyone (everyone?) started their holiday shopping yet?  L provides me with a list on pretty much a daily basis when the “previews” (aka commercials) come on.  Is there anything that kid doesn’t want?  Where in the world does he get his love for material objects from?  I have no idea ;).  WB will be easy.  And I already have some ideas for B.  L? I need to wait until closer to the holidays.  I’m pretty sure he’s going to change his mind about the Dora gymnastics doll he sees every two seconds and claims he needs.  “Ahh, dat is not for only gurls.  It’s for gurls AND boys.”.  Umm, no, it’s for girls ;).

~Oh and yeah, I skipped the weekend recap post.  We did fun things but there just weren’t enough pictures for its own post.  We did spend way too much time in Lowes (their computers were down).  Oh and we moved the tv outside to watch the MSU-Notre Dame game on the patio.  It’s going to be even more fun when we have actual patio furniture next year.

If this isn’t classy, what is?

~Oh and we also (finally) went back to school shopping yesterday. I think everyone else did too. The kids shoes department at Nordstrom looked like a bomb went off. GapKids was also totally insane. I scored lots of great deals though, so it was worth it. B scored some new shoes too (after all he too needs school clothes) and L scored the sweetest neon orange shoes I have ever seen. They are brighter in person than in that picture. So L got to pick a pair of shoes and so did we (some green Pumas that he approved of). If he loves them, he’ll wear them. And honestly, we could have done way worse than neon orange. You may not think so, but to me light up character shoes like these would be 100x worse!

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  1. Melissa

    My 4 year old has those same shoes, he picked them out much to my husband’s chagrin. We get comments on them EVERYWHERE we go 🙂

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