September Birchbox Review

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September Birchbox #8

I thought I’d do things a little different with my reviews and post individual pictures instead of a collage (have you even noticed?). Hopefully then you can get a better idea of what’s in these monthly subscription boxes without needing a magnifying glass.

My September Birchbox finally arrived and of course, I tore right into it. I mean even though I knew what was in it, it’s still exciting to see it in person. And instead of complaining about UPS Mail Innovations this time, let me complain about Birchbox. I got a shipping notification on 9/7. Umm, the UPS-MI didn’t actually receive it from Birchbox until 9/13. Come on. I really don’t care when you ship it, but don’t get me all excited so I think it’s coming way sooner than it really is. And 6 days to get from NY to MI? Really? Okay, rant over.

Does anyone else save these? What do you do with them?
First peek!
Even though I know what’s in it, I still get excited!

I received Box #8 this month and was very pleased. Here is what it included:

The card

~kate spade new york Twirl: I am (still) looking for a new fragrance and this might just be it. I am guessing I could get a sample like this from the counter at Nordies, but let’s be real. I’m not about to go to Nordstrom and get samples of every product out there!

twirl by Kate Spade

~twistband Hair Tie: I bought a 3-month subscription when these were on Plum Deal so I was super excited to see one in my box.  Although, yellow?  I suppose it could be worse!


~tili Bag (Quart Size Bag): I love this little bag. Having kids I tote around a lot of things. And I usually keep things separate with regular old ziploc bags (sometimes I go crazy and buy the colored ones Target sells). I love this so much I am going to buy more from the Birchbox store. Seriously, do you really think I can resist something cute that lets me be organized? No way!

tili Bag

~WEI to Go Sleep Over Kit: Real Clean and Ideal Skin: This was one of the items I really hoped would be in my box. I don’t know why since I still rarely wash by face, but I was super attracted to this when I saw that it was a September Birchbox item. Maybe I was just attracted to the packaging??

WEI to go Beauty

~Sedu Anti-Frizz Polishing Treatment with Pure Moroccan Argan Oil: Umm, this is so me. I’m in love. Although I am balding (haha) my hair is all over the place. Add this to my Birchbox cart with my fancy pants plastic bags!

Sedu Anti-Frizz Polishing Treatment

~Birchbox and Color Club® Custom Collection (Color: Status Update): I love mini sized nail polishes. I mean you never ever ever use the entire bottle so why even bother with a full size? My friend Lisa over at Yuppie Traveler made a new years resolution to use up a bottle of nail polish. I wonder how she’s doing with that? I need to ask her. I think she just got back from the Galapagos Islands? Oh, and I really like the color I received. It’s not a color I have, so this is perfect!

Color Club Polish: Status Update

Oh and this month also included a code for $25 off your $75 purchase at Madewell.  Not sure if I will actually use it, but it doesn’t hurt to have it!

I hear a lot of people complaining about the boxes they get and I kind of think that’s silly. You are paying $10/month for a box of samples.  Plus, you get to review(*) your samples, which you get points for.  I paid $10 for this box and will get sixty points for reviewing products (10 points / product).  Sixty points = $6 at the Birchbox store.  So really, I paid $4 for the box.  And it’s like that every month.  How can you go wrong?  If you want to sign up, click here to be added to the waiting list.  The sooner you sign-up, the sooner you are in.  And if you already get Birchbox, what did you get this month?  Do you love it?

One last look

(*) Just in case you don’t know how to review for points, here it goes: When you go into your account, click on the “BOX” tab. Then scroll down to “Box History”. Click on each product from your box. When you get to the product page, click on the “Give Feedback” tab under the pink “Add To Cart Button”. Leave your feedback and go back and do it for all the products in your box. Depending on the month, you’ll get from 60-80 points. 100 points = $10 to spend in their store. It adds up fast! Check your “Point History” to make sure they are getting added correctly. Oh, and every 3 months they will send you a 20% off code. So save your points till you get the code!

Disclosure: As you know, I like free stuff, so if you click and buy, I will get points to spend at Birchbox so I can buy more overpriced plastic bags.

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Jenny

    Hi Jennifer. I love your reviews. I just joined citrus lane and found you over there. I’ve since gone back and read alot of your box reviews and either signed up or added my name to the waitlists through your links. Thanks for enabling me 😉 I can’t wait to start getting some of these boxes. I think this looks like a great deal. I love trying new things so the sample sizes are perfect and if I don’t care for it I can always pass it along.

    1. Jennifer

      Yay! I am glad to be your enabler ;)!!!

  2. Julie

    thank you SO much for telling me about the reward points. it totally makes it worth it!

    1. Jennifer

      Your welcome! And you are right, they totally make it worth it!

  3. Aimee

    I think I’m jealous of your samples! Just curious, how do you know what box# you received? I just signed up for glam box. We will see how it compares. Also I git on the list for mantry!

      1. Aimee

        I recieved The Color Club- polish… a very bright blue!
        Dr. Jart+- Water fuse beauty balm
        Fekkai -shampoo and conditioner
        Twistband hair tie- purple
        Vasanti- Brighten up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator (love this)

        I also save all my boxes… I think maybe they would make great gift boxes??

        1. Aimee

          Forgot I got brush gaurds too!
          I recieved box#12

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