Friday’s Letters

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Dear WB, 
I tried your formula the other day and OMG, I totally understand why you hate your bottles.  I don’t blame you one bit for not wanting to eat that crap.

Dear Insurance Company, I am going to take it as a good sign that you have requested “more information from my provider” about getting WB’s formula approved.  Because that means you are at least considering approving it.

Dear Jersey Shore, Thanks for being back on my tv.  I am super sad this is your last season, but I know that MTV will come through with some equally stupid show I will fall in love with.

Dear L, You are getting funnier and funnier everyday.  I do not know where you get these things (“Pete’s me” instead of beats me) and really I don’t care.  And conversations that begin with “Mama, don’t yell at me….” and “I was thinking…..” are always interesting and keep me on my toes for sure.

Dear B, Thank you for always being so up for my crazy antics.  Like last night when I made you pose with all the snacks from the Goodies Co. box so I could get free stuff?  You just posed and smiled.  Yep, that is why I married you.

Dear Baxter and Buddy, Now that the WB is getting more and more interested in you guys (well in your fur), I am reminded again how nice you two are.  Buddy, you stand there so nicely while WB tries to grab your face.  It’s almost like you encourage it.  I see that you and him will be just as good of friends as you and L are.  And Baxter, you don’t encourage it, but you also allow it and then sneak away quietly so WB doesn’t get pissed.

Dear Me, You should stop writing blog posts so late at night.  That is why they contain so many errors.

Dear Blog Readers, Don’t forget to go enter my contest! Seriously.  Go now.  NOW.

Dear Other Bloggers, Sometimes the things that you share on the internet blow my mind.  For real.  Nothing really offends me, but umm, you may need a job one day and you may not want every single slice of your person life out there.  But then again, this is the internet and you could be making all this up?  Heck, maybe I’m not even me?

Dear Halloween, Can you please hurry up and get here?  After trying a costume on WB (you may have seen it in my Instagram pictures), I want to see my boys dressed up together more now than ever.  And yes, I finally ordered costumes.  Batman for L.  A penguin for WB (get it, Batman and The Penguin?).  And I have a Sully costume that still fits L and picked up a cheap Old Navy monster costume for WB in case it’s super duper cold at one of our many events.

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