BarkBox Review + Coupon Code – October 2012

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October BarkBox

Baxter and Buddy received their October BarkBox today and I must say, they are just as excited to get packages in the mail as the rest of us are.  In case you aren’t in the know like my dogs are, BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs.  Packages start at $29/month, $22/month for 3-months or $17/month for 6-months.

However, I signed up for BarkBox when they had a Groupon deal awhile back and it just so happens that the deal is going on again!  $35 for a 3-month subscription or $60 for a 6-month subscription.  I got the 6-months because, well, it was a better “deal” of course.  If you are on the fence about ordering BarkBox, decide soon, since the Groupon deal expires in a few hours.

Here is what we got this month:

The information card

Feelgood Treat Company Turkey Trail Blazin’ Bitz ($5.95): I gave these to the furries and they ate them and acted like they wanted more, so I’d say that is a good sign.  These treats are handmade from all natural and organic ingredients and are wheat, gluten and preservative-free.  My dogs are getting older (I hate even writing that), so I guess I need to start feeding them more “healthy” treats like this so that they live forever!

Feelgood Treat Company Turkey Trail Blazin Bitz

Lollycadoodle Wool Snake Toy ($5): I am totally fascinated with this.  It’s 100% woold and it handmade by trained artisans in Nepal.   I know the boys will be fighting over this, as soon as, I give it to them.  I am a little worried about wool pieces all over my floor, but I’m willing to take that chance.

Lollycadoodle Snake Toy


Moody Pet Humunga Stache ($12):  This is flippin hysterical.  It’s a ball, but when they carry it, it looks like they have a mustache.  OMG, I tried and tried to get a picture of this in one of the dogs mouths, but they keep running and trying to steal it from each other, so I couldn’t get one ;(.  It looks to be very sturdy (it’s made out of a kong like material), so I know I will have many more chances to get a picture of my boys with their staches.

Moody Pet Humunga Stache


Tropiclean Cleen Teeth Gel ($11.99):  We got this in the Cravebox Dog Lover’s box and have been using it and really like it, so it’s nice to already have a spare on hand.  If you’ve never tried it, it’s way easier than trying to actually brush your dog’s teeth.  Way easier.

Tropiclean Cleen Teeth Gel

Metro Paws Poopy Packs $2.12:  I don’t typically buy / use special poop bags, but these must me the fanciest ones around.  Seriously.  To tell you the truth, I may just throw these in my bag and use them for the kids.  Like when we are in the car and L tries to give me half eaten suckers or whatever.  Or when we have a dirty diaper to deal with and no place to throw it away.

Metro Paws Poopy Packs


Honest Discounts Discount Card (N/A): I didn’t put a value on this since it doesn’t have a value unless you spend money.  It’s a pre-activated discount card that will claims to save you “between 10%-75% on prescriptions at over 54,00 participating locations”.  And it also says that most of your dogs prescriptions are available at your local drugstore.  Really?  They are?  My dogs don’t get a lot of prescriptions, but this may come in handy when they do end up with one.  I need to do some more research on it!

I totally LOVED this box.  All totaled, I came up with a value of $37.06 for the contents.  Not a bad deal at all considering I only paid $10!  I’ve said it before, but all these monthly subscription boxes have me hooked because they contain items I probably wouldn’t have known about otherwise.  I mean a Humunga Stache?  I think my life is more complete now that I know about it!  Thinking about ordering BarkBox?  Get your butt to Groupon ASAP and order. I believe the deal expires tonight at midnight. If you missed the Groupon deal, you can always order thru my BarkBox link, and enter code “RAMBLING10” to save $10 on your box.

Disclosure: If you click the clicky BarkBox when they had a Groupon, you will be directed to the BarkBox when they had a Groupon site. If you click the clicky BarkBox, you will be directed to the BarkBox site. And if you buy something I will get credit and I will send over the furries to give you big slobbery thank-you kisses!

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  1. Unsatisfied

    I received my barbox very, very late and had emailed barkbox about the issue several times. Alexa said she would make every effort to get a box to me, but kept going back on her word saying to wait another day, the entire weekend, then another several days (then sandy came so no box could be sent). Then to apologize she offers $5 credit which would force me into spending more of my money to purchase anything from barkbox. ?Also, my dog could care less for the mustache, it was too big for him anyways and runs away when I open the breath freshener. He wont play with the wool toy and doesn’t care for the liver treat.

    This months box is a total waste, I would recommend pawalla. You’ll get much more value for your money. I do like the fact barkbox donates to dog shelters (giving back is very important to me) but their boxes have not been that great and the fact that customer service goes back on their own word is also upsetting. No, you did not try your best so don’t say that.?

    1. Jennifer

      Sorry you had such a bad experience! Did you end up getting the box or not. I have heard of Pawalla, but don’t know of anyone who subscribes?

      1. Megh R

        I currently receive Pawalla and Best Friend Box (though I just canceled that one) for our cats, but I am considering buying this box as a present for my supervisor, who loves her dogs like children. Pawalla is a great box! Each month you get 2-4 cans of specialty wet food, 2-3 full-sized treats, 1-2 supplements, 1-3 essentials (for grooming, litter boxes, etc), and 1 toy/surprise. Barkbox seems to be more about toys and treats, which is great, too. Best Friend Box was ok, but it didn’t include anything that couldn’t be bought at a large pet store.

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