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~So the other day, while WB was napping and L was playing in the living room, I took a shower. I called out to L just after I got out of the shower (to make sure he didn’t need anything) and he was still downstairs playing nicely. So I got ready and just enjoyed the quiet house. I was probably getting ready for maybe 15 minutes.  Maybe.  And then I opened the bathroom door and there was L, dressed in his full batman costume. I almost sh*t my pants. I was so scared. I was totally expecting to walk into an empty bedroom, but there he was. Standing perfectly still. Mask on and all. I didn’t even know he could get the costume on by himself. OMG. I’m not sure if he knew I was really scared or if he thought I was just pretending, but he was beyond thrilled with himself.  As I was telling B about it later the day, he was like what did you think a three and a half foot tall batman was going to do to you? Umm, I don’t know and I never want to find out.

~You might remember that a while back I wrote on Panera’s Facebook page about how I ordered a salad (the chopped cobb w/ avocado), but that the avocado was missing.  And they responded within minutes and asked me to send them a note through their website telling them what store it happened at, etc.  So I did.  I was already pleased that they responded so quickly (and apologized) on their FB wall that I kinda had forgotten about it.  And then this week I got a handwritten envelope in the mail with a $10 Panera gift card in it.  I mean, I would have gone back anyways, but now I am going to go there even more.  Good customer service can go a long way!

Nice work Panera.

~I cannot for the life of me figure out how people paint their nails, at home, on a regular basis.  I just do not have time for that.  Sure, I have time to paint my nails.  But time to dry them?  No.  Is there some giant secret out there that I am missing?  How do people with two kids and two dogs find time to do this?  I guess I could do it while L is at school, but what, should I just leave WB buckled in his carseat the entire time?  Because if I took him out and let him play, I’d have to put him back in to go pick up L (he is not at school for very long) and it’d screw up my nails.  Someone please explain this to me.

~I am pleased to tell you I used up all five of my products (from the sample hoard) last week and have selected five new ones this week.  I know the ginger face wash and lotion was from a bluum box, but the rest of it?  Your guess is as good as mine.  At this pace, I will be done with my hoard by 2020.

This weeks 5.

~After seeing the entire collection, I am so excited for the Target + Neiman Marcus line to come out.  I am totally loving the Tory Burch lunchbox (too bad I have no where to pack a lunch for), the Rodarte ornament and pretty much all the little girl dresses.  So cute!  I’d post pictures, but I cannot figure out how?

~When I got my new iPhone, I somehow deleted all the old notes from my old iPhone.  I was super sad because I had all of WB’s “stats” and milestones saved in there.  I looked everywhere and couldn’t find them on my iPhone ;(.  And then this morning I finally GTS and someone said to look for a “Notes” folder in your e-mail.  JACKPOT.  I was amazed it was there.  Amazed.  And thrilled.

~And finally, I was contacted by the Goodies Co. to see if I wanted to give their September Tasters Box to one of my readers.  Duh, of course I do!  In case you forgot, Goodies Co. is a monthly subscription box ($7/box) that features an assortment of trial-sized, delicious new foods delivered directly to your doorstep.  It’s probably the best under $10 box out there. If you want to try and win, I’m gonna make it easy.  All you gotta do is click and you are in!  I know you all have always wanted to try kale chips (honestly everyone should at least try them once), so this is your chance.  Don’t let it pass you by ;).
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  1. jen

    I’m considering giving my sister a goodies company subscription for Christmas but maybe this is a silly gift?? I love reading all your box reviews and it seems like a good gift for the hard to shop for person.

    1. Jennifer

      I actually think a monthly subscription box would be a PERFECT gift. It’s like the fruit of the month or beer of the month club. Except she’ll like it better!

  2. Jenny

    I signed up for goodies a couple weeks ago and they said I should get the November box and I would get an email when it was for sure. 🙂 My mom is thinking of getting the box for my sister and her friends when they go off to college next year. She thinks this would be a great graduation type gift for them.

  3. Ellen A.

    For your nails… try “Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat.” It’s a red bottle with a white top and it comes in a box. Paint your nails, wait two minutes (I normally don’t wait the full two minutes, shame on me), then put a top coat of the Insta-Dri on. Wait another 30 seconds and presto… their dry! It’s amazing!!!

  4. Corin

    I just started painting my nails weekly and I do it when my kids go to bed. It gives me a couple of hours to get them dried. I’ve tried ice water to dry them, it was okay. But I want to try a spray of Pam. I found that method on Pinterest.

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