November BabbaBox Review 4

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Edited to Add: BabbaBox was acquired by Barefoot Books and is no longer offering a subscription service.

November BabbaBox

Once again, my BabbaBox magically appeared on my doorstep with no prior notice. I am guessing that maybe I just can’t figure out where to find the tracking on the BabbaBox site? But whatever, we were pleased to see it pop up last night (it shipped UPS).

The biggest of all the boxes.

This month’s BabbaBox theme was “Baking Together” which was totally perfect for us since we love to bake together. It actually arrived no less than 20 minutes after we were done baking cookies. Figures!

The box included the following projects:
~create: Family Tree Apron
~create: Kid Recipe Box
~explore: Baking Set
~storytell: Froggy Bakes A Cake
~connect: Cupcake-a-roo App

The Information Card

And now, the details:

create: Family Tree Apron

Family Tree Apron

The kit includes all the projects to draw a tree trunk on the apron and then everyone in the family gets their hands traced to make the tree. I know L is going to LOVE making the apron, but there is not a chance in the world I will get him to wear it. I am certainly going to try my hardest to make it happen, but I am almost 100% sure he won’t do it. Dressing up like a girl at school is cool, but wearing an apron. No. Way. Depending on how this turns out (and of course I am expecting it to be amazing), I might somehow frame it and hang it in the basement by his pretend kitchen.

create: Kid Recipe Box:

Kid Recipe Box

This project looks totally messy and totally fun. Anything that includes glue is a big hit here. I imagine our box is going to include every square of fabric that is included in the kit. And the recipe cards that are included are super cute. They use pictures and words so that kids can read them too. L always reads me the back of the brownie mix, so now he can reads the cards too! Great idea!

explore: Baking Set:

Baking Set

This is far and away my favorite part of this month’s box. The suggested project to go along with these items is to make your family tree using sugar cookie dough. I’m not sure if we will do that, but I know these will get a ton of use. I love little kids kitchen utensils and have even been known to use them myself on occasion.

storytell: Froggy Bakes a Cake:

Froggy Bakes A Cake

We have loved every single book included in our BabbaBox so far and I know this will be no exception.  I really love that they include a book every month!

connect: Cupcake-a-roo App:

Cupcake-a-roo App

I’ve never heard of this app, but I am excited about downloading it for L.  He loves the baking apps (we have a few), so I am guessing whatever this is, he’ll be into it.

mom gift: Bakers Labels:

Bakers Labels

These will be cute for the holidays when B takes a plate of cookies to work or when we are assigned a dish for a party.  These will for sure get used!

In case you don’t know, BabbaBox is a theme-based box delivered right to your door and contains fantastic monthly activities with ALL the materials for kids ages 3-6. It’s $29.99/month (free shipping), BUT you can save 50% off your first box using the code “BabbaLove50”.  It’d be a perfect holiday gift!  Do you subscribe to BabbaBox? What do you think? What was your favorite project this month?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Also, I should mention that we got this box FREE this month because L was BabbaBox’s FB Kid of the Week. Just submit a picture of your kid doing their BabbaBox project on their FB page and maybe you’ll get picked (and get a FREE box)!!

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4 thoughts on “November BabbaBox Review

  • Megan Musings

    Thank you so much for your BabbaBox reviews! Because of your thorough reviews, I subscribed last month – so I got the Detective box, and will get this one soon. I have joint custody of my 4 year old son, so I haven’t been able to use any of the crafts with him since he’s currently with his father for the next few months.. but your reviews help me decide which of the items I want to mail to his father for them to use with him too! I love the interactive quality of this box.. so much fun!

  • Denise King

    We love the Gickey Box at our house. They always seem to have more crafts in their box than others we’ve tried. Each Box has a book, recipe, and at least 4 crafts. is their site.