November Spoiled Rotten Box Review

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November Spoiled Rotten Box

When the folks over at asked me if I’d want to try out one of their Spoiled Rotten boxes for my furries, I jumped at the chance. As you know I don’t do a ton of reviews because, well they can be boring and because I don’t want to talk about things I am not overly interested in. BUT, this was different.  It’s right up my alley and it’s I knew Baxter and Buddy would be pissed if I didn’t do it ;).

In case you know nothing about it, Spoiled Rotten Box is $24.99/month and includes $40 worth of products. They offer subscriptions for dogs AND cats. Not that I have cats (or want them for that matter), I have never heard of a monthly subscription box for cats until I saw this! Oh and, all of the edible items are made in the USA, which, if you have a dog, you know is super important these days.

The Box

The box was about the size I was expecting.  I would say it’s bigger than a Barkbox and smaller than a PopSugar box.  If that means nothing to you, click here to see how the boxes stack up.

First look

I was very impressed with my first look into the box. The subscription card looked fancy and the paw print tissue paper is beyond cute.

Second look

I was super impressed with how neatly the box was packaged. You could totally tell that someone spent the time neatly arranging this box and I appreciate that kind of thing.

The information card

This information card is probably the fanciest card I have ever gotten. I’m not sure how to explain it, but it’s on nice thick card stock that’s almost like laminated? Trust me, its fancy.

And now the good part, here is what was inside:

~Etta Says Roasted Duck Meat Treat for Dogs ($9.99):  These are 100% natural, contain no grains and are non-allergic and are great for your dogs skin and coat.  They are meant for medium / large dogs though, so while I could just break them into smaller pieces, Baxter and Buddy are going to gif these to their favorite cousins, Jersey & Nevada!  I know Jersey & Nevada will go crazy for them.

Etta Says Duck Meat Treat

~RoadRageous Seth the Skunk Toy ($4.99): Seth is an unstuffed squeaky toy.  Basically he’s what happens to all of our stuffed toys after the boys rip the stuffing out and I clean it off the carpet.  I am very pleased that this guy will not require any clean up.  Pretty sure I love this!

RoadRageous Seth the Skunk

~Nuts for Knots Rope Dog Toy ($1.99): Nothing fancy, just a Baxter and Buddy sized rope toy.  The furries are not fetch masters (they have trouble giving toys back), but they do love a good game of tug of war.  I have even caught WB and Buddy playing.  Buddy knows that WB is a baby, so he puts like no effort into it so he won’t knock WB over.  It’s actually very cute and sweet to watch them.

Nuts for Knots Rope Toy

~Waggers – My Little Turkey Wolf Treats ($5.99):  OMG, Baxter and Buddy are going to love these.  They are grain free and contain no wheat or corn.  They are little and soft and a perfect little treat!

Waggers – My Little Turkey Wolf Treats

~Pure Love Sweet Pea Ear Cleanse ($4.99): I feel like this was selected specifically for Buddy.  That one has ear issues!  I don’t know if it’s a Yorkie thing or what, but he’s always complaining about his ears.  If you have a dog, you know what I mean.  I am SO excited to try this on him.  He’s going to hate the process, but he’s going to love having clean ears!

Pure Love Sweet Pear Ear Cleanse

~Lickety Split Braised Liver Lickable Dog Treat ($4.99): I have never heard of a lickable dog treat.  Ever.  So of course I had to open it up right away and try it out.  My dogs were so confused.  They just stood there and waited for me to hand them something.  When they finally did figure it out, they loved it.  It’s a rollerball, so it’s really not messy either.

Lickety Split Braised Liver Lickable Treat

~Merrick Natural Beef Dog Chews ($0.99/each):  What’s not to like about these?  They aren’t coated with “flavoring”, so they don’t leave a nasty mess on the floor.  They are 100% natural, fully digestible and non greasy (like pigs ears are).  Although there are two of these, I am guessing Baxter and Buddy will still fight over them.  He got the better one.  No he did. They worse than little kids ;).

Merrick Natural Beef Dog Chews

~John Paul Pet Waterless Foam Shampoo for Dogs ($9): I saved the best for last.  This is a waterless shampoo made by the guy behind Paul Mitchell Systems and I have to say, this is genius.  Giving Baxter a bath is a piece of cake.  Buddy is another story.  You’ll end up soaking wet and annoyed when you’re done.  I cannot even get over what an amazing idea this is.  I haven’t given him a full “bath” with it yet, but I tested it on Buddy and it worked great!  And it smells delicious!  I LOVE this!

John Paul Pet Waterless Shampoo

All totaled the box had contents valued at $43.92.  This a great deal considering that the Spoiled Rotten Box only costs $24.99/month.  I plan on starting a subscription for the boys after the new year.   I also plan on doing a clean sweep of all their toys, but don’t mention that to them yet okay?

And here’s one last look:

One last look at the November box!

Oh wait, I lied, here is one last look which includes the stars of this post, Baxter and Buddy!  They were also featured on PetFlow’s Facebook page and now think they are totally famous. (*)

The boys

Thinking about subscribing or want to learn more? Go here and check it out!  I feel like this is a perfect gift for a dog lover who has everything.  Why buy a sweater or a bottle of perfume that will never get used?  Instead, think outside the box this year and get them something for their BFF’s!!

(*) Yeah, my dogs are sitting on my counter. That this the only way I can get a “posed” picture of them.  Don’t judge me.

Disclosure: I was sent this box to review from the people at No compensation was exchanged and, as always, all opinions are my own.

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