So What Wednesday

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It’s So What Wednesday over at Life After I Dew and I’m linking up! This week I am saying SO WHAT if….

~I am booking a Vegas trip the next time I get a good free trip offer.  They are taunting me and I am going to show them who’s boss!
~I might be just as excited as you guys to see who wins my PopSugar Must Have Luxury Box Giveaway.  I might even video L picking the winner on Rafflecopter.
~I am so planning a trip to Japan to get one of the Apple “lucky bags” one year. Thank you to Alice for clueing me into this amazing annual tradition.
~Every once in a while I forget that I left the furries outside.  Oops!
~I’ve pretty much given up hope on Spartan football this season.  I mean I still watch and cheer, but I don’t expect them to win like I used to.  Luckily there is basketball season.  Did you catch last nights game?  GO GREEN!
~When I go back and read old blog posts, I am appalled by the dumb grammatical errors I make on my blog.  Yet do I fix them?  Nope.
~I do not like when people type notes in Instagram and post them like pictures (does anyone even know what I am talking about?).  I want to look at a picture.  Not read.
~I might kill B if he leaves a dirty pan on the stove one more time.
~I get bored reading people’s So What Wednesdays.  Heck you are probably bored reading mine.  We’re even.

That’s it from here. What are you saying so what to this week?

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  1. I feel the same about MSU football, but we are still going to the last home game. That early morning Bloody Mary at the tailgate will make it all better 🙂

  2. Dani

    That Apple grab bag sounds amazing.

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