A Poll ~ Does Santa Wrap Presents?

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I am more interested to hear everyone’s answers in this poll than I have been about any other poll I have done. I need to know if Santa wrapped your presents when you were a kid and if he wraps presents for your kids.

Growing up, Santa always always wrapped our presents. Even stocking stuffers were wrapped, which I believe annoyed Santa to no end. But she he did it because he was a good Santa and he liked to keep the kids happy. Also, Santa always wrapped in Santa paper (i.e. wrapping paper with pictures of Santa on it) and always seemed to leave an equal amount of presents for my brother and I. That Santa is a smart man. He knows fights will be avoided this way.

Our (L and WB’s) Santa also wraps every single present he leaves. I think he feels likes it’s more fun and makes Christmas morning last longer, know what I mean? The anticipation of seeing all those wrapped gifts and wondering what’s inside? Eeek!!! Santa also wraps stocking stuffers and plans to continue on the tradition of wrapping in Santa paper, assuming that it can always be found on Target clearance that is.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me what your Santa does. Does he wrap gifts? Not wrap? Do mom & dad give presents or just Santa? Or vice versa? Do tell!

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  1. Lyndie

    Santa always brought one major gift (i.e., bike, game system, etc). That gift (when I was a kid and when I play Santa) was never wrapped, just displayed out in front of all the other smaller gifts. All the smaller gifts were always wrapped. One paper design per kid. 🙂

  2. Ellen A.

    Santa always wrapped my presents (and still does… yes Santa still visits my parents house, I have young siblings still). And He always left close to an even number of gifts for all of us kids (there are eight kids in my family). Not only did Santa leave presents, some would say from Mrs. Claus, some were from Rudolph, and some were from the elves. It was always fun to see who the gifts were from. And we usually had either santa or rudolph paper.

  3. Abby

    Our Santa doesn’t wrap..his elves do the wrapping!

  4. Nikki

    Santa did not wrap when i was growing up and does not wrap my childrens gifts. This way kids are able to play instantly allowing mom and dad to sit back enjoy some coffee while kids are showing mom and dad what Santa left. He sometimes wraps some stocking items. He has never left the same number of gifts either.

  5. jen

    Santa wraps everything – even the stocking stuff – normally to use up the “Santa” paper so I don’t have to worry about hiding it from smart kids!

  6. Kristen

    Santa had a hard time initially making up his mind in our house. I grew up with Santa not wrapping my gifts and so he decided to initially do the same. He then had a change of heart and decided to wrap gifts aside from large items or gifts that required a lot of assembly (thank you lovely dollhouses that have a million parts). He usually uses Santa paper, but this year he was swayed by the elves to use candy themed paper which works because the movie elf is a hit with my 4 yo this season.

  7. Crystal

    Santa didn’t wrap our things from him, it was more like Lyndie.

    Although all of the gifts from my maternal grandma were always from Santa and wrapped. A box of chocolate covered cherries each year. 🙂

  8. Tayler

    When I was little Santa always left our presents out for us to play with so mom and dad could sleep in. I will most likely do the same thing when my boys are old enought to wake me up at the crack of dawn.

  9. Kristin

    Santa does not wrap them here because Santa has a sneaky 8yr old that has been on to him for years! We couldn’t keep the special paper hidden from him so Santa just has special gift tags and bows

  10. Shannon

    Santa is still deciding in our house. This year he decided to keep it simple for our 2.5 year old, who gets overwhelmed easily by too many presents (#twoyearoldproblems). So he is not wrapping his stocking gifts or his one big gift, which requires some assembly too. But Santa is reserving his right to change his mind for any future Christmases. 😉

  11. Alicia

    I voted yes, but my answer is not that simple!! As a kid, all of our gifts were from Santa until we knew the truth about the big guy 🙂 For my kids (ages 11, 9 and 4), gifts are from mom and dad. Santa brings them ONE gift (usually their “big” present) and he leaves clues in their stocking to help them find it. My kids LOVE finding clues to their presents! My 11 and 9 year old know the truth about Santa, but they have never tattled to their little brother and they participate with just as much excitement. Having only ONE present come from Santa saves a lot of trouble!! I don’t have to be as secretive when trying to get ideas or if they happen to find something I thought was well hidden. Even my 4 year old knows that the Santa’s we see in stores and at the mall are not the real guy, but we tell him that they work for Santa and relay all info to him 😉 They also understand that gifts at other places, like grandparents houses, are from those respective people and NOT Santa. Having to only worry about the whole Santa thing for ONE gift really makes it easier. My SIL and I were on the same page about that and so her kids follow the same line of thinking. That helps too!!

    1. Alicia

      And all gifts are wrapped over here. I love that part of it, even if all that wrapping is a pain, LOL!! I do their stockings, but I don’t wrap things in there.

  12. Aimee

    My Santa always wrapped. Everybody didn’t get the same amount. But I think Santa spent the same amount on each of us. Some years he would mix it up and number the presents instead of putting names on. And we had a ball trying to figure out what number belonged to what kid. It brings back such great memories because my parents loved sitting there watching us tear everything open. My Santa really made it fun. One time he even tracked gold glittery boot tracks threw the house!

  13. Jenny

    Santa did not wrap for me and does not wrap for my boys. We love all coming downstairs and getting that shock value of seeing the unwrapped gifts. Santa only brings a couple things and the stocking at our house. The rest of the gifts are wrapped and from mommy and daddy.

  14. Jennifer

    Santa always brought one big gift and filled our stockings with candy and fun little gifts. The big gift was not wrapped but put proudly on display next to the stocking. Whether it is was an Easy Bake Oven (and yes, that was my favorite) or a bike, it was together and ready for action first thing Christmas morning…Santa often worked late into the night on Christmas Eve. All of the other presents under the tree were from mom and dad – they had to get credit for something. 🙂

  15. Jency Kuriakose

    The best part about Christmas (growing up ofcourse) are the present – the unwrapping…sometimes even when you know what the gift is.. just the sheer joy of ripping out wrapping paper adds such thrill.
    Call me crazy but I love wrapping gifts!
    My mom used to (to one point) carefully unwrap and save the wrapping paper – she used some to make bookmarks (wrapping cardboard pieces and stapling some like things hanging off the top) with them, used them instead of wrapping paper and sometimes to stuff boxes that we packed for shipping.
    Wrapping paper is part of the gift!

  16. Sara Popp

    I just tonight learned that some Santas don’t wrap. Shocked! Growing up, everything was wrapped unless it was just too big (rare), except a few little stocking stuffers. Some were from Santa and some from the family members. There were 6 of us, so you were guaranteed at least 7 prezzies, one from each of your siblings/parents and one from Santa! Big stuff might come from “mom and dad” together or something like that… We were not supposed to rip up paper when upwrapping, because we reused paper year to year, for wrapping smaller stuff or making tags. It led to a fantastic stash of paper year to year, so under the tree was so colorful!

    With my kiddos, we still wrap everything, just wait until Christmas Eve to add the Santa gifts to the tree. Love the idea that Santa is the only one who gets to use Santa paper, but wouldn’t they see Santa paper in the stores? Our kids are all about the QUESTIONS.

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