December Birchbox Man Review

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December Birchbox Man

B’s December Birchbox Man came yesterday. I (of course) peeked at the contents before it arrived, so it wasn’t a huge surprise. But still it’s exciting to get it!  This month I actually let B open it himself.  I usually open it and repackage it so I can blog about it right away, but not this month!

This month’s theme was home for the holidays. The information card included the quote: “Every traveler has a home of his own,” wrote Charles Dickens, “and he learns to appreciate it the more from his wandering.”. So the December Birchbox was all about getting you cleaned up nice for dinner.

Unlike the November box, this month’s box was full!

First Look

B received Box 6 (which some referred to as the punishment box – LOL) this month and this is what was inside:

The Information Card

And the details:

~The Knottery Knit Tie in Navy/Ivory ($30): B loves this tie. In fact, he loved it so much when we saw it in a previous box (that we did not receive) that I bought it for him. So now B has two of the same ties. I’ll probably end up giving the extra tie as a gift or waiting for L grow into it or something ;). I know it’s not Birchbox’s fault I now have two identical ties, but I am still annoyed.

The Knottery | Wool Knit Tie

~Kérastase Bain Capital Force Densifying Shampoo($3.04): You know what B doesn’t need? Shampoo that is meant to thicken hair.  Ha!  I can only wish my hair was as fabulous as B’s.  Still, I doubt that a few uses will hurt, but we for sure won’t be picking up a bottle. And I’m not sure if we were supposed to get two or what, but we’ll take it!

Kerastase | Bain Capital Force Densifying Shampoo

~C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Balm Stick SPF 15 ($7.50):  B is totally thrilled with this sample and frankly I would be too if it came in my Birchbox.  A great lip balm from a great brand.  What’s not to like?

C.O. BIGELOW | Mentha Lip Balm Stick SPF 15

~The Art of Shaving After-Shave Balm($5.88): B got something similar last month (John Allan’s Cool Face), and has been using it, so it will be interesting to see how this stacks up.

The Art of Shaving | After Shave Balm Unscented

~Kérastase Duffle Bag ($5?): I’m not sure how to value this so I just threw a number in there.  This was a nice addition to the box and made it seem less skimpy than some of the other boxes this month.  This bag will for sure get used.  B has a fancy leather gym bag he uses and I think this would be perfect to keep sweaty clothes in.  A bag in a bag if you will!

Kerastase Duffle Bag

All totaled, this month’s Birchbox had a value of $51.42 (NOT including points for doing reviews and purchasing the box itself), which was way more than the $20 price tag. B would LOVE this box if we’d hadn’t already bought the tie.    This was a lesson learned though since now I will never buy a “big” item B has yet to receive item from the men’s boxes since it could appear again!

If you (or your man) subscribe to Birchbox what’d you think of this month?  And if you don’t subscribe, click here to sign-up!

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  1. Jenny

    Oh my goodness we got the exact same box. I can’t write a full review since hubby is getting some of the items for Christmas. Why are people calling it the punishment box? I think its one of the best ones we’ve gotten.

    1. Jennifer

      I think because it looks skimpier than the other boxes!

      1. Jenny

        ah I’ll have to look at what others got. I really wanted the tie so I’m happy with whatever else we got.

  2. Jessica

    Of course I google December Birchbox Man and your blog would come up immediately! I finally signed Kell up for Birchbox, I’m excited for him to get his first box! He doesn’t know I signed him up hehe.

    1. Jennifer

      I’m glad my blog came up first!!! I hope he loves it!!

  3. Anon

    OOOOH, I love this box. I was thinking about getting my fiance one, but have heard very mixed reviews on Birchbox… I’ve actually gotten him the Art of Shaving kit before and he LOVES it – it was the first semi-expensive beauty product that he’s used and says he can’t go back to the drugstore stuff anymore! Enjoy!

  4. Shannon

    Hi! I decided to sign my husband up for Birch box since I’m getting Ipsy and baby gets Citrus Lane, but I wanted to use you as a referral so you could get credit. Do you know how I can do that? I clicked on the link on your page, but it just took me to the site.
    Thank you! I love your Blog:)

    1. Jennifer

      All you need to do is click the links and I’ll get the credit. It won’t say my name anywhere. Thank you!!!!!!

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