POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review + Coupon Code – December 2012

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December PopSugar Must Have Box

My December PopSugar Must Have box arrived today and even though I knew what was in it (and already posted about it), I still ran out to the mailbox to get my hands on it ;). By some FedEx Smart Post Christmas miracle, I got my box in, get this, less than a week. AMAZING.

OMG it’s here!

Unlike most of the other subscription boxes, PopSugar’s boxes are always different sized.

This month’s box weighed 3.3lbs and included things to use “if you are hosting a party of your own this year”, “getting ready to hit the town” and also included “a sweet treat” and “something to help you warm up”.

First Look (after unwrapping)

And, as always, the the box included an information booklet, which shared details about each of the products included. And, as always, I won’t bore you with a million pictures ;).

The information booklet.

And now, here’s what was inside!

Must Have Fashion:
~Pinch Minimergency Kit ($13): I think this is the item I am most excited about in this box. And I got a pink one! I LOVE these and actually bought one this year at Sephora for my Secret Santa exchange person! I have had one in my bag (a silver one) for a few years and you’d be surprised how many times I have needed something from it. It’s seriously so beat up too. You have no idea now excited I am to get a brand new fresh one. And if you hate it, this would be a perfect stocking stuffer. I *almost* put it on my Gift Guide for Her!

Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit

Must Have Food
~Tea forte Petite Ribbon Box($15): Seriously, what is it with these boxes and tea? I mean really? As you know, I don’t personally like tea, but I am going to find someone who loves it and I am going to gift them a TON of tea one day ;). That all said, this is a super cute box and the tea pyramids are even cuter. Maybe L’s teacher likes tea? I need to find out ;).

Tea Forte Sampler

Must Have Home
~Bodum Bistro Double Wall Express Mugs (set of 2 – 10oz. size) ($30): These are cool and we have nothing like them, so I am pleased. And mine didn’t arrive broken like some people’s did, so I am even happier. I got some really cute Dylan’s Candy Bar Hot Chocolatefrom my Secret Santa, so these will totally get used. And B drinks giant cups of coffee at all hours of the day and night, so I know he will like these too.

Bodum Bistro Mugs

Must Have Beauty
~Jaboneria Marianella Soap($14): I like this better than the tea, but less than the Minimergency Kit. I know some people love bar soap, but I just don’t. I mean, maybe I should give it a try since, you know, I haven’t used it in like the last 10 years. According to the website, this is supposed to do tons of great things for your skin, so I am going to really use this. I am making it a New Year’s Resolution to use up ALL my products / samples before buying anything new. Crazy right? But I am going it!

Jaboneria Marianella Soap

Must Have Food
~Bogdon Peppermint Pole Twists($3.99): I haven’t had one of these in years, so I am super excited these are in the box. I think B and L will be excited as well and when they are happy, I am even happier. I kinda guessed that’d we’d get a peppermint bark or something this month and this is fairly close. And, according to the information card, these are only 17 calories per stick. Who knew?

Bogdon’s Peppermint Poles

Must Have Fashion
~Rent The Runway $30 Code ($30): It’s a little unclear still if this is for rentals only or if you can use it to buy things on their site (they have make-up / accessories), as well as, rentals. I am going to try to use it tonight and will report back. If you can buy something with it, cool. If not, stupid. ETA: I tried to use the code on make-up and it’s not valid. Totally lame. I am not counting this code in the overall value of the box because you have to spend money (and a lot of it) to use it.

Rent the Runway $30 Code

Must Have Tech
~GoSwpye Microfiber Cleaning Cloths($1.99): These don’t just get smudges off your iPhone / iPad, they get the germs and other nasty gunk that hang out there.  I love this and might actually get more so I can keep one in my bag, one for the car, one by the charger, etc.  I am not overly germ-o-phobic, but I like this idea a lot! Also, I want to say this is the first Must Have Tech item we have ever gotten? Perhaps a sign of fun things to come?


All totaled, I came up with a value of $77.98 (not counting the $30 RTR code) for the box, which is well over the $35/per month cost of the box.  After receiving the box and actually seeing everything in person, I like it a lot better than when I had just heard the spoilers.  Still, it’s not amazing like I think a lot of us were expecting, but not totally crappy either.  I’d like it A LOT more if I liked tea I think AND could actually use the code at Rent The Runway! Know all I need to know is what is in that Luxury Box and I’ll be a happy girl!

One last look

Do you subscribe to PopSugar?  What’d you think of this month’s box?  Want a chance to win it?  Click here!  If you don’t subscribe and want to, click here and I believe you can get signed up for February’s box?  I believe January is already sold out ;(.  And don’t forget to use code REFER5 for $5 off your first month or “INSIDER” to get your first month free on a six month subscription!

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  1. Shannon

    I LOVE tea. You may gift all your teas to me. 😉

    I am super excited to get mine. This will be my first Popsugar and I’m so excited! I am really looking forward to those mugs. For my tea. All the tea you are gifting me. LOL!

  2. Elizabeth

    I tried using the $30 to buy makeup. Didn’t work. I don’t plan on renting anything so that “gift certificate” was a waste for me. Otherwise, loved the rest of the box!

  3. Jenn

    This was my first PopSugar box and I loved it. I’m a bar soap and tea junkie so those two things made my day. Already tried some tea in the mugs and love them. The Miniergency Kit is such a cute idea but I don’t see myself ever using it. Luckily it will be easy to find someone who’ll love it.

  4. Jamie

    I’m so glad that you enjoyed the box, but as this was my first box and it’s December, I expected a LOT more.

  5. Kathleen

    I just got mine in the mail and am so sad to report that my tumblers arrived broken! By far not my favorite box!

  6. Akaleistar

    I love the mugs and tea! Since I don’t have any upcoming formal events, I am hosting a giveaway for my Rent the Runway credit 🙂

  7. DThomas

    I was completely underwhelmed by this box. I figured that since December revolved so much around the holidays and social events we would have gotten some bling and cosmetics! The mugs are nice, but the other stuff is “eh” not “yea”! I know that it is only $35.00 for the box, but really, with sales, you can find all of this stuff for around the same price or less.

  8. Brooke

    I just signed up today for PopSugar, and my account says I’m getting the January box, so I’m assuming it’s not sold out. I’m also on the waitlist for the December box, but I think that’s probably doubtful at this point. lol

  9. Victoria

    Hi! Thanks for posting. I am saving mine to open Christmas morning, but could not wait to find out what might be in it. I received a ‘rent the runway’ card from Birchbox too. WTH! I don’t consider this anything great. Runway stuff is not my style or in my budget. And it’s only 10-15% off retail!? Seems I could wait till mid-season and buy it for less, then get to wear it as many times as I want. Also, I hope my tumblers are not broken, bummer to those of you who received them that way. Cheers!

  10. Shelby

    I agree, the December box was nice but more of a March or May kind of box…..love the mugs, tea, soap and mini kit. Was expecting a “wow” kind of box that topped the scarf box or the bracelet box though.

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