DIY Anthropologie Inspired Mason Snow Globe Jars

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DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

I mentioned in my “Yeah, I’d Pin That” blog post that I really wanted to make Anthropologie Inspired Snow Globes like I pinned from this blog (WhipperBerry). The mason jar snow globes from Anthro are anywhere from $28 (small) to $40 (large) and that just seems crazy.  I didn’t really see on WhipperBerry how much they cost to make, but I figured it had to be WAY less than Anthro prices right?

Every other Wednesday, the boys and I spend the morning at my moms and we always try to do a craft project.  This week was the snow globes.  My mom is a perfect crafting partner because she gathers all the supplies and gets everything all ready for us.  Oh, and she cleans up the mess after we leave.  Don’t you wish I came to your house to craft?

Let’s get started:

The set-up.

I started with a large tree and a large jar.  I hot glued the tree base to the lid of the jar, but felt like the tree wasn’t tall enough in the jar.  So we got some styrofoam out and I “unglued” the tree and then reglued it to the styrofoam and then glued the styrofoam to the jar lid (*tip*: Be careful because the bottom of the lid gets very hot which you might not think of – we didn’t).

See the styrofoam in there? You get the idea.

The next step was to fill the jar with snow. I learned that a little snow goes a long way.

That doesn’t seem like too much snow right?
Wrong. That’s a blizzard.
Much better.

And then you shove the tree in the jar, screw the lid on (the lid had two parts) and boom, you are done. I ended up making four jars (I did two green tree ones and two white tree ones) and I think my mom did one?

White tree

Unlike some of the projects I do, it turns out that these really were easy to make AND cheaper than the original (Anthroplogie) version. The large Anthro jar costs $40. Mine cost $3.43 as follows:
~Glass Jar: $1.99
~Big Tree: $1.19
~Fake Snow: $0.25
If you do any crafting at all, you likely have a hot glue gun and you can find styrofoam everywhere, so I am not counting that either.  My mom actually picked up all the supplies on “Senior Day” at Joann Fabric, which meant she got 20% off, so we really paid less than $3/jar.  Amazing right?

This project gets a huge thumbs up from me.  Easy.  Cheap.  Fun.  Oh, and messy.  Yeah, the snow gets all over the place, but that’s nothing that can’t be easily cleaned up!  We used glitter snow, which I loved (even though I probably had it stuck to my face when I dropped L off at school after on in the day), but I am sure you can use any kind of fake snow.

See WB in the background? He approves 😉

So what do you think?  Are you loving the DIY Snow Globes?  I really like that I can leave these on display all winter since they aren’t overly Christmassy.  Have you made any of your Pinterest pins lately?  Tell me everything!

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  1. jen

    Love you when show off your craft projects ~ this one looks like a good one for my kids to make with friends! I know I have some old canning jars laying around and the tree and fake snow is cheap at Walmart. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Jenny

    l love this one. I might need to keep an eye out for the supplies to make for next year.

  3. Stacey

    I love these, they’re so cheap and easy and they don’t look too messy either!!

  4. Shelby

    I LOVE this!! So cute & I think I’m going to make one for myself!

  5. michelle

    LMAO at the “blizzard” Too funny!

  6. Stephanie Bradshaw

    I am totally loving this! I for sure want to make a few of these! They look like they make great gifts too!

  7. Kristin

    Now this is a craft I may actually be able to accomplish! Not so crafty over here…. I even think my boys might be able to do this one and it sounds quick enough that they won’t lose interest before we are done! 🙂

  8. Therese

    They are super cute!
    Your a little snow goes a long way picture made me laugh out loud. I’m still giggling : )

  9. Lindsay Giordano

    Another great and cheap idea, Jen. I love WB smiling in the background haha

  10. Abby

    I got a good laugh out of the blizzard picture.

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