(Limited Edition) Birchbox Home Box Review

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Limited Edition Birchbox Home Box

I was totally on the fence about the Limited Edition Birchbox Home Box and wasn’t sure if it was worth the $58. I mean, it looked cool, but do I need more spatulas? But once Birchbox came out with a 20% off code and they still had some in stock, I went for it. It worked out to be $46 and I used my Birchbox points to get it, so it was totally free. And get this, I didn’t even open it when it arrived. Nope, I waited till Christmas morning!

The Birchbox Home box was billed as a great hostess gift and included “everything you need for a season’s worth of entertaining.”

The Information Card

~Birchbox Recipe Cards ($10): At first I thought these were blank recipe cards and was all meh about them. But now I have realized it’s a set of 12 recipes from three of Birchboxes favorite food bloggers! Fun fun! And they are super cute to boot.

Birchbox Recipe Cards

~Core Bamboo Paris Utensil Set ($15): I won a Core Bamboo bowl and serving set a few years ago and still use it all the time. I think I am going to toss all my crappy spatulas and replace them with these nice ones!

Core Bamboo Paris Utensil Set

~Quirky Stem ($4.99): I’ve seen these at Target and have always considered getting one, but never did. I am curious to see how often we really use this though. If you have it, do you use it often?

Quirky Stem

~Dean & Deluca Rosemary ($3.75): This is totally a B item and I am sure he will love it. And does anyone else immediately think of Felicity when they hear Dean & Deluca? Surely I cannot be the only one?

Dean & Deluca Rosemary

~Sabatini & Co Roma Truffle and Sicilian Sea Salt ($20.50): Now that I have received the awful news that Starbucks is no longer making Salted Caramel Mochas (at least not without the salt topping), I am even more excited about this! If carrying this in my bag to top my own drinks is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Sabatini & Co Roma Truffle and Sicilian Sea Salt

~Antica Farmacista Prosecco Home Ambiance Fragrance ($25): This is so fancy, I cannot even figure out how to say it. The scent. “Prosecco” is a crisp mixture of Satsuma citrus, passion fruit, and apricot and smells amazing!

Antica Farmacista Prosecco Home Ambiance Fragrance

~Birchbox Chalkboard Placecards (Set of 4) ($15): OMG, I love these. There aren’t enough for a dinner party or anything, but L is all about setting the table lately, so I cannot wait to start using these at dinner time. He is going to think writing names on these and deciding where everyone sits is the best thing ever!

Birchbox Chalkboard Placecards

~Birchbox Cocktail Napkins ($5): These are adorable, but would I ever pay $5 for paper napkins? No way! I will for sure use them though.

Birchbox Cocktail Napkins

~P.S. – I Made This…DIY Kit ($25): I am not totally sure of the value of this DIY kit, but similar P.S. I Made This… kits sold ranged from $24 – $38. so I think the $25 value is fair. This kit includes everything you need to create one-of-a-kind fabric napkins, gift tags and more. I’d never heard of P.S. I Made This…before this box, but I have to admit, I am loving their ideas and website!

P.S. – I Made This…DIY Kit

~Paperless Post Greeting Cards ($5): I’ve also never heard of Paperless Post(and made up the value of these), but they have a lot of cute and unique cards and stationery and I think I might order from here next time I am in the market for notecards!

Paperless Post Greeting Cards

~Jonathan Adler Playing Cards ($10): The box came with a choice of Jonathan Adler Playing Cards or Chambre de Sucre Gourmet Sugar. Since the only use I have for fancy sugar is decorating cookies with a 4 year-old, I went for the playing cards! They are very stylish and I am happy with my pick. All the other decks of cards we have are from various Vegas casinos ;).

Jonathan Adler Playing Cards

I am super excited I decided to go for this box and totally think it worth the cost. By my estimates, the box has a value of just under $140. Not too shabby for $46 right? This box would have made an amazing hostess gift or even would have been a great box to get and break up into a few smaller gifts.

The Limited Edition Birchbox Home Box is sold out, but if you want to check out any of the goodies in the Home Pop-Up Shop, click here. I believe they often Limited Edition boxes every so often, so if you are sad you missed out on this box, sign up for their mailing list!

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  1. Clarisse

    first off.. ps. i made this… wow obsessed with this site thanks for the link! 2nd why is starbucks not making this drink anymore??? it’s my absolute all time favorite and i just had it this weekend with SALT!!!. this box does look great, i didn’t get it because i honestly thought the things were useless but i kind of wish i did after reading your review.. oh well enjoy!

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t know if it’s seasonal or what? A few Starbucks I have been to said that they weren’t getting the salt shipped to them anymore??

  2. Lily

    You’re probably not going to want to put that truffle salt in a latte…. Truffles are savory 🙂 Question: I apparently am having a hard time getting points in Birchbox. I have written at least 10 product reviews, and still have only 10 points in my account. Any idea why this is? (I will contact them about it soon if not.)

    1. Jennifer

      Really?? Thanks for the heads up! That would have been some surprise! As for the Birchbox points, you only get them on products you receive in your box. Could that be why??

      1. Lily

        No problem 🙂 I can’t explain the flavor of truffles… you have to smell it to understand. I did write reviews on products that came in my box, but maybe I’ll try again. Thanks!

        1. Classybroad

          Truffles have a really earthy taste like the best mushroom you ever had but with more woody flavor. They are a fungi. Try the salt on top of French fries or scrambled eggs.

  3. Blaire

    I am right there with you on the Dean & Deluca Felicity association! I loved Felicity, then she cut her hair 🙁 and everything went down hill from there.

  4. Dani

    I echo everything that Blaire said.

  5. Erin

    Just stumbled across your site while looking for information about ipsy and Birchbox. Great reviews, pictures and information! I know it takes a lot of time and effort to put everything together, so thank you!

    About the Salted Caramel Mocha: I’ve worked for Starbucks for 10 years, and yes, we began offering that drink seasonally a few years ago. It’s made with core ingredients we carry year-round except, of course, for the salt. If you’re looking to make your own topping, you should know it has turbinado sugar in it in addition to sea salt. Hope you find the right combination!

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