My Cotton Bunny December Bundle Review

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Edited to Add: My Cotton Bunny is no longer in business.

December My Cotton Bunny Bundle

My Cotton Bundle is a new monthly subscription service that bundles your choice of feminine hygiene products with a few extra goodies to get you through your cycle. It’s $13.75/month and you can select tampons or pads, the brand you prefer and also the “strength” you want.

The Box

I think My Cotton Bunny has one of the cuter boxes of all the subscription services.  It was a fun treat to find in the mailbox that’s for sure!

First Look

 I was pleasantly surprised to see cute everything was.  As I understand it, My Cotton Bunny boxes will always be the same size and will be more or less “full” depending on what the extra goodies are that month.

The Information Card

 And like all good subscription bones, it includes an information card which described the special extras.

And now, the details:

~U by Kotex Click ($4.29): Since I was sent this box to review, I didn’t get to select my “preferences”.  I’m not sure what insight I could provide you with anyways.  You get to pick, so how could you not be happy.

Kotex Tampons

~Classic Plaid Scarf ($10):  This doesn’t have a specific brand, so it’s hard to assign a true value.  The information card lists it between $10 – $40, so I am going to go with $10.  It’s a cute lightweight scarf that will do with just about anything.

Classic Plaid Scarf

~Tea by Yogi and Dagoba Dark Chocolate ($1): I’m guessing at this value too.  I think you all know how I feel about tea (it’s everywhere and I’m not a fan), but I know a lot of people do love tea and I get that.  I am totally excited about this chocolate though!

Tea + Chocolate

At the very least, this box is valued at $15.29 and at the most, $45.29.  And for the $13.75/month cost of the box, I’d say that’s a great deal! The extra goodies change each month, so you aren’t going to end up with a million scarves or anything.  Last month (the first month for Cotton Bunny) the extra goodie was an American Apparel Cami.

I think this box would be perfect for a teenager who is still a little uncomfortable with things or really just anyone who wants to be pampered!  Interested in subscribing (you can get the December bundle through January 5th) or want to learn more?  Click here.  And if you are already a subscriber, what’d you think of this month’s bundle?

Disclosure: I was provided with the December bundle to review by My Cotton Bunny. No compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Katie

    A tidbit – Australian tampons don’t usually come with applicators. There are one or two brands that make them, but they are not the norm. Some American women I know who live here get US tampons shipped over!

  2. Disappointed Customer

    I wanted to try Cotton bunny for the discounted rate in December 2013 but I signed up in November. I received my box late (well after my period) in December. The box was full of ants because the chocolate was not well sealed. When I complained, the company stated that they would send me the November and December boxes to make up for it. They did not state they were going to charge me for it again. Now I have paid for 2 boxes that arrived nowhere near my period that were full of ants. If they were going to charge me for the nov and dec box (basically, the apology for the dec box), I would have told them don’t because it would be full of ants again. I was on the fence about staying with the company after the box was late, but this is terrible customer service. I had clearly stated I wanted to start in December so I shouldn’t have been charged twice for December. They refunded a couple bucks but they should have refunded the full $16 for the second box in December. If they weren’t planning on sending a complimentary box for the mistakes then that is their prerogative but they shouldn’t charge their clients for two December boxes when they didn’t want it. Needless to say I canceled my subscription immediately.

  3. Disappointed Customer

    I forgot to mention the bunny pocket watch chain was also broken in the first box.

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