Preschooler Gift Guide (aka What L is Getting)

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I did a gift guide for WB and no one complained it was dumb, so I thought I’d share what L is getting this year.  Unlike previous years when he got a balance bike,  Escalade (aka the best gift ever), etc. L doesn’t have a “big” gift this year.  He didn’t ask for anything over the top and that’s totally fine by me.  I mean, let’s be real, the kid has an iPad, an Escalade and more trains than Sir Topham Hatt himself.

His big thing this year was a Spiderman Web Shooter.  Oh man, he’s going to be so excited to unwrap this Christmas morning!  He’s been talking about it for months.  He also is getting a camera (his iPad is old and doesn’t have one – poor deprived L) because he left his old one outside and yeah, that didn’t end well.  I think he’s going to be most excited about the cardboard train I found at Kohls (and paid $9.99 for thank you very much).  I spy hours of fun playing in that thing this winter!

L didn’t ask for the Batman Imaginext thing, but he stares at it every time we go to the store, so that will be a nice surprise!  Also in the mix this year are legos, a stuffie (if it’s on tv commercial, we need it), batman boots, a Hot Wheels ramp, the Pop The Pig game and a train whistle.  Yeah, I got my kid a whistle.  It’s Christmas and he’ll love it and it’s already nuts in this house so why not?

Now it’s your turn, what’d you get your pre-schooler this year?  And does Santa wrap your kids’ presents?  He wouldn’t *think* of not wrapping ours!  And does only Santa bring gifts to your kids or you (mom & dad) give separate gifts?  We do both and just randomly split them up, but I don’t even think L notices.  Or really cares.

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  1. audrey

    Good call on the batman toy. that was a surprise for my boys last year and they love it!. this year my 4yo is getting an indoor trampoline (8ft.), one of those mini air hockey tables, ipad games (angry birds, wrestling), and a…icee maker. Like, from 1985. some other little things…my 2yo is getting all things Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Oh, and Uno Roboto. I’m kind of excited about that.
    Our Santa doesn’t wrap!
    This is the first year we’re giving a seperate gift. I got a Groupon for a day to the French Lick indoor water park so I’m making a little poster board they get to open w/ some goggles and holders for their “gold d’blumes” (gold $1 coins) for the arcade.
    Can’t wait!

  2. Alysia

    Well my preschooler is a girl, but sure I’ll share 😉 She is getting clothes because she is OBSESSED with skirts & I’m tired of her wearing the same outfits over & over. She will love to get clothes, so don’t anyone feel sorry for her, lol! The only thing she really asked for was a robot. She wants one that makes cookies, but she’s getting Alphie. Hope that satisfies!! She & her sister are getting a new TV for their room, new matching comforters, & paint supplies for their easel. Then she is getting some puzzles, some Melissa & Doug toys, a tea set, and Dora DVDs. Probably a few more things, but I can’t remember right now!

  3. Alysia

    And to answer your other questions, Santa & mom & dad give presents, and everything gets wrapped! Santa usually just gives a a couple things & maybe a game or something that’s for everyone to share.

  4. Kyra

    My 4 yr old is getting new “work boots” to replace his, the yellow Hatley fire truck rain boots, several of the Lego City books which he loves, a Lego fireman watch, a Mighty Machines dvd set, a wii game, the Lego Wii remote, a straw cup we found the other day with blue whales on it that he insisted he had to have, the Imaginext pirate ship that I picked up for $16 at Kohls friday on a whim and a few clothing items. I don’t really have any other ideas and there isn’t a “big” gift this year for us either. He will be the most thrilled over the rain boots and the Mighty Machines dvd I think!

  5. Jenny

    My Noah is getting the same Batman thing from my mother in law. We are getting him lots of different Star Wars stuff, the Imaginext Pirate Ship, Legos, and Nerf Gun stuff. At our house Santa only leaves a couple gifts and they are not wrapped. All of the wrapped gifts are from mom and dad. 🙂 My parents started this when I was younger and they didn’t have room to hide everything. This way toys can start being places under the tree at my leisure.

  6. Lori

    Train whistle…..seriously! You are going to regret that. I speak as a past train whistle purchaser….ours mysteriosly vanished one night. Did I mention that our old house had a fireplace?

    1. Jennifer

      Maybe it will just be an “up-north” toy???

  7. Jenn

    What a cute pig game! I’m putting that on my Christmas list next year! My son wanted Jake and the Neverland pirates stuff so he’ll be getting the toys plus things like a treasure chest and map. It’ll be a pirate-y Christmas.

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