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*Speciality Food / Snack* Boxes:

~Tasterie: $15 – $20/month. Each month you will receive a box filled with delicious foods that fit your special food needs. From food allergies to gluten free to vegan, Tasterie will customize a box just for you.

~PaleoPax: $18/month. Each month PaleoPax hand-selects five amazing paleo snacks from producers across the country and delivers them to your door.

~Vegan Cuts: $19.95/month. Vegan Cuts is a a monthly subscription box that delivers vegan goodies right to your door. Each box includes 5-8 vegan products, ranging from sweet treats to household fun stuff.

~Oh My Green!: $24.88 – $47.50 – $89.88/month. Each month with the Oh My Green Pioneer box, you’ll receive 5 full-sized, heathy and non-GMO snacks. Snacks, which come from a variety of known and independent brands, are balanced across tastes and seasons. You can also opt for the Trendsetter box ($47.50/month), which includes 10 snacks or the Champion box ($89.88/month) which includes 20 snacks.

~gfreely: $24.95/month. Every month you’ll receive a package filled with delicious gluten free foods worth $25 to $40 plus nutrition tips, recipes, and more! Each month is a new, unique theme selected by their team of foodies and dietitians.

~Tasteful Pantry Treat Box: $24.99/month. The Tasteful Pantry Treat Box contains 5-7 individual-size sweet and salty snacks, customized for your ‘free-from’ dietary needs.

~UrthBox: $25/month. UrthBox sends you 12 – 15 brand new full sized, non-GMO foods, snacks and beverages every month at up to $50 in retail value. You can select from Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, or Diet Box Options and aims to help you discover safe, healthy and natural products from trustworthy brands.

~Num-Nums Munch Box: $27.75 – $49.26/month. Num-Nums Munch Box is an allergy-conscious monthly snack subscription service. They currently offer dairy-free, nut-free, or gluten-free boxes. Their inventory is free of all three allergens with a majority of our inventory free of the top-8 allergens. Boxes come in two sizes, single ($27.75/month) or double ($49.26/month).

~The NoMoo Box: $29.48/month. The NoMoo Box is a monthly box of dairy-free goodness. Each month you will receive 6 to 9 items in your box, including some full size and some sample size dairy free products.

~Cuisine Cube: $29.99/month. Cuisine Cube delivers the best gluten free products to your door every month. Each cube is filled with at least five exciting full-sized gluten-free breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert items which are hand picked for you.

~Paleo Krate: $38.90/month. Paleo Krate delivers paleo-friendly snacks straight to your door. Each box contains 8-10 grain-free, dairy-free and gluten-free snacks.

~Flowbox: $30 – $42/month. Flowbox is a UK based subscription service aiming to help you discover new organic, natural, eco-friendly products by filling a box with green goodies every month and delivering it to your door. They offer a Classic, a Vegan or a Gluten-Free box which are each available in two sizes – mini and maxi. The Mini box (~$30/month) features 5-6 products, while The Maxi (~42/month) has 8-10 products.

~Send Me Gluten Free: $30/month. Send Me Gluten Free’s mission is to help the gluten free community by providing great resources and fun ways to try new products. Each month you’ll get to try 8-12 new gluten free products, including at least one full-sized product. You’ll get full-size and sample size food, personal care items, supplements and household products that support your gluten free lifestyle.

~Healthy Surprise: $33 – $66/month. Healthy Surprise sends you a box every month filled with the highest quality snacks (which are vegan, gluten-free, natural and soy-free) that you are 110% guaranteed to love.

~Paleo Life Box: $34.98/month. Paleo Life Box is a convenient box of paleo snacks! Each month you’ll receive 9 or 10 full-size snacks that are both good for you and delicious. Typically 2 or 3 will be new and the rest will be tried and true favorites!

~Sleek Treat: $34.99/month. Sleek Treat is a monthly box full of Sugar-Free, Low Carb snacks. Each Sleek Treat Box includes 5-8 hand picked Gourmet Treats delivered right to your door.

~Sugarless Sensations: $39/month. Sugarless Sensations is a monthly subscription box delivering delicious sugarless and low carb food. Each box will include 6 – 9 full size products with recipe combinations and ideas.

~RawBox: $39.95/month. RawBox delivers a monthly box of yummy raw snacks, vegan beauty products, and eco-friendly household items from the healthiest brands on the planet! Every RawBox has 10-12 products; a total value of $60 or more.

~Keto Delivered: $39.99/month. Keto Delivered sends subscribers incredible ketogenic diet friendly foods, carefully curated from artisans, farmers markets and small batch foods. Each box includes a variety of 5-7 small-batch, honest foods chosen with a ketogenic diet in mind.

~Healthy Belly Box: $39.99/month. Healthy Belly Box is a gluten-free snack subscription box.  Each box is packed with 8+ delicious snacks (plus extras!).  All snacks are Certified Gluten-Free and Healthy Belly Box guarantees that the products in your box will satisfy your taste buds.

~Boxtera: $40/month. Boxtera offers a collection of healthy organic snacks, curated each month to your liking. You can expect to receive 30 servings of gluten-free, organic and vegan snacks.

~Crafted Gluten-Free: $59/month. Crafted Gluten-Free is a monthly gluten-free box. Every month you’ll get full size meal oriented items that compliment one another. Most boxes contain 8-12 full-sized items, making them value-priced. Also available is a Kid’s Monthly Subscription Box which contains kid focused gluten-free items.

~The Purple Carrot: $59/week. The Purple Carrot is a vegan meal delivery service. Each box includes all the raw, pre-measured ingredients and recipes you need to cook healthy, delicious vegan meals and snacks at home with easy-to-follow recipes from really great chefs.

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