Baby Stuff: 5 Things WB’s Loving

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Baby Things

I always like reading about what things other babies like (so I can steal ideas), so I thought I’d share a few things WB (and I) are loving.

First of all, he loves his Jumperoo.  Loves it.  It’s L’s old one and this thing has served us well.  WB (who is almost 9 months old) bounces like crazy.  He goes nuts in there.  And he loves it when you swing him in there, well, like a swing.  I cannot wait until we can use the swingset this summer!

WB also loves taking baths and pretty much all things water related.  This duck bath is a life saver.  On occasion I let him sit in the tub like a big boy and, unless L is in the tub too, it’s crazy.  He crawls around in the water and it’s so hard to actually give him a bath!  The duck bath contains him nicely.

My aunt got WB this Playskool Busy Gears toy and he loves it.  Not only does he enjoy chewing on the actual gears, he likes making the gears move around and watching them all move.  No matter what WB is doing, this always can get his attention!

Itzy Ritzy and Aden + Anais bibs are one of my favorite things.  I am guessing I have mentioned them before, but I am still loving them.  WB is a messy eater and these are awesome.  In fact, they nicely cover the messes WB makes with these teething biscuits, which he also loves.  And yes, I realize the description is in Italian.  I don’t know what else to tell you other than WB loves them and I buy them at a local grocery store.

WB’s latest love is the Dream Lite that L got for Christmas.  L has been allowing WB to keep it in his room and WB loves watching the stars change color in his crib at night. I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned it, but WB isn’t one to be rocked to sleep.  He just falls asleep on his own in his crib.  The more you try to get him to sleep, the longer he will stay up.  I think he looks forward to getting in his crib for naps and at night because of the Dream Lite!  Between that and the baby crack machine playing those ocean waves, he knows it’s time for bed.

Now it’s your turn, what baby things are you loving these day?  Do you have recommendations for when WB turns one?  What’d you get your little ones for their first birthday?

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  1. Jenny

    We have some of the same faves. My son C is 23mo now so he’s outgrown a couple of them but he still loves the gears. My sister gave it to him last Christmas and now he loves to stack them and then turn it on so that it spins and throws them. Its tons of fun and he will collect them up and do them again. My older son N had the same jumperoo and used it way more then C but we loved it just as much. I also didn’t have the duck bath for N but got it for C and it was great. Loved it and it made traveling so much easier.

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