January Love With Food Box Review

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January Love With Food Box

My January Love With Food box unexpectedly arrived in my mailbox today. A few hours later I got tracking information for it in my e-mail ;). I love when it works out like that! This month’s theme was “International Delights”. and that’s pretty much all I know. Unlike every other Love With Food box I have received, this one didn’t have any information about the products. Heck, it didn’t even have a list of things included in the box. I checked on their facebook one to see if anyone else didn’t get the list and it appears no one did. The “information card” just had the same picture on the front and back (I thought maybe it was a printing error?). Update: This was a printing error and here is the information card!

image credit: Love With Food

I feel so much better now that I have the information card to read!

First Look

This month’s box didn’t seem packed as full as other month’s I’ve gotten.  It’s a little box to begin with, so when it’s not packed full, I feel like I am missing out.

After a little digging, I figured out exactly what was inside:

Almond Anise Biscotti (Italy): The package for this wasn’t even labeled, which I found odd.  I mean, if the products aren’t going to be listed, shouldn’t it at least be labeled?  I’ll give this a try because why not?  But honestly I think it sounds icky.

Almond Anise Biscotti


Natural Plantain Chips (Columbia): I am always looking for fun new things to put in L’s muffin tin meals and this is going to be perfect.  I can’t wait to see what he thinks!

Natural Plantain Chips


Firecracker ChocoPods (Venezuela): I received a bacon ChocoPod in last month’s Birchbox and B loved it!  I am hoping I at least get a taste of this one.  I’ve actually been wanting to try the assorted sampler Birchbox offers, but it’s never in stock when I am placing an order.

Firecracker ChocoPods


Tiger Spice Chai (Japan): I’m not thrilled by this (I mean, it’s tea’ish and we all know my feelings for tea), but I might actually try the “Chai on Ice” instructions they have on the back.  Maybe.

Tiger Spice Chai


Organic Belgian Biscuit Dark Chocolate Leaves by NEWTREE and Organic Cinnamon Milk Chocolate Leaves by NEWTREE (Belgium): I’ve gotta tell you, these are two of the smallest pieces of chocolate I’ve ever seen.  I am hoping they really pack a punch!  They do seem to get great reviews, so we’ll see.

Organic Belgian Biscuit Dark Chocolate Leaves by NEWTREE and Organic Cinnamon Milk Chocolate Leaves by NEWTREE


GoGoSqueez AppleStrawberry Applesauce (France): I had no idea that applesauce in a pouch was an invention of the French?  Genius.  L (and WB) love these pouches and while I don’t think they are unique, I am happy to receive it.

GoGoSqueez AppleStrawberry Applesauce


kyotofu Shortbread Cookies (Japan): Once again these weren’t really labeled, so I am just guessing that they are shortbread cookies (actually they are gluten-free shortbread cookie).  Looking at them I never would have guessed the flavors (brown rice, green tea and black sesame), but I am super excited to try them!

kyotofu Shortbread Cookies


Overall I am kind of disappointed with this month’s box.  I think the lack of an information card made this not less exciting than it could have been.  I always enjoy reading about the products, where they come from, etc. so I do really wish they had included descriptions. Now that I have the information card, I am feeling much better! Everything just seems better once I was able to read about it ! Also, Love With Food is crediting everyone’s account 500 points for the printing error, which means $5 to spend in their store! Not a bad deal at all! Thanks Love With Food!

Do you subscribe to Love With Food?  What’d you think of this month’s box?  And if you are interested in subscribing or want to learn more, click here.

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links.  I am still not 100% sure how LWF’s point system works?  Anyone know?
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  1. Lisa

    Kyotofu is an NYC restaurant and dessert bar! See http://www.kyotofu-NYC.com. It’s not far from my office and I’ve always wanted to try it!!

  2. Kristy

    Maybe the skimpy box is because they did a groupon last month for a 3 month subscription for $15 (that’s how I signed up). Maybe next month it will be better again…at least that’s what I hope. The only thing I liked/loved was the applesauce.

    1. Jennifer

      I signed up back in October when they had some sort of deal too and it was good. They always have deals! I’m not sure what’s up this month??

  3. Classybroad

    The Japan cookies tasted like butter cookies and the biscotti tasted like sambucca. That’s my take on what I tried.

  4. Lily H

    i agree definitely a bit disappointing after seeing all your past amazing boxes! this was my first box and i was hoping it would start off with a bang …. but i guess i’ve been a bit unlucky in the first subscription box (popsugar december) — hopefully they’ll improve/add more~ (i accidentally/automatically continued subscription to the january popsugar box so hopefully that’s good!)

  5. Aimee

    I cancelled after last month. The goodies box is so much better in my opinion.

  6. Stephanie Bradshaw

    I believe I signed up for Love with Food through your link… Hopefully you get something!

  7. Kathy

    I agree that the box was disappointing compared to previous boxes (and to some other subscription boxes I receive). I almost canceled, but am holding out hope that February’s will be good — right near Valentine’s Day, it has to be good, right?

  8. Paula Kingery

    I too was a bit disappointed in the contents. The chocolate and the small cookies were good,but not much in the box.and no description?

  9. Lori

    Oh if you are just gonna go into the Chai tea with that Negative Nellie attitude< I think you should send it on to me. I happen to have a secret lust for all tea. (no secret anymore!) I would enjoy it way more than you!

    1. Jennifer

      OMG, I did not know that! It’s yours!!!

  10. Janice

    This was my first box and while I enjoyed the items I received, I was a little disappointed as this box seemed be a little lacking compared to previous boxes. I’m tempted to cancel, but I might hold out for one more month. I also recently subscribed to Goodies Co., which I’ve heard nothing but good things about, so I can perhaps compare the two… if I decide to stay with Love With Food for one more month…

    1. Jennifer

      I LOVE Goodies Co! My Love With Food subscription expired, but I *might* stick around for one more month to see what February brings.

      1. Janice

        I recently got my invite, so I should be getting February’s box. Can’t wait!! 😀 With Love With Food, yeah, that’s what I’ve been thinking about too. I’m hoping it’ll be better for February if I do stay around…

  11. Samantha

    Everyone is talking about signing up with Goodies.co but every time I go to the site it states that the subscription company no longer exists. Am I the only one with this problem??

    1. Samantha

      Ahh I see the dates now. Sorry, nevermind!

    2. Jennifer

      Goodies discontinued their service last fall. This post is from January 2013, so it existed last year when everyone was signing up. sorry for the confusion!!

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