Thoughts On: Miss America (+ A Poll)

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I didn’t watch all of Miss America last night, but I caught bit and pieces. Enough to do a post about it anyways. My favorite parts of Miss America are the talent competition and the questions. Oh the questions. Fine, I’ll admit it, I laughed when Miss Iowa (who just happens to be named Mariah Cary) answered her question about the legalization of marijuana “I do not think it should be used for anything but recreational use and health care.”  Eek! I bet she wishes she could take back that twenty seconds a million times over.

As for the talent competition, I get nervous watching because I don’t want anyone to screw up. I am guessing some of the ladies have real talents and some, well, don’t.  And it always gets me thinking, what in the world would my talent be?  I mean really?  I have none.  That’s probably why I never competed.  Yep, that’s exactly why ;).  What would your talent be?
Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

OMG, and how can I forget the introductions?  Who thinks of these “catchy” little intros? The ladies themselves?  “From the home of Aerosmith, rock on, America. I’m Taylor Kinzler, Miss Massachusetts.” I mean really?

Oh and are you planning to watch the Golden Globes tonight?  I cannot wait!!

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    OMG!!! too funny. I have no talents….i would be up their based on pure looks!! LOL

  2. Caitlin

    Ah I wish I watched it last night!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. New follower here too!

  3. Sarah

    Did you live-tweet the event?! It was hilarious listening to others’ thoughts about the pageant. So hilarious!

  4. 'Dee

    My introduction would be fun — “From the home state of Stephen King and McDreamy…” Talk about dichotomy. Hmmm, for talent? I’d bring my dog onstage and do our evolving obedience-combined-with-tricks-that-make-my-husband-laugh routine.

    1. Jennifer

      OMG, I never thought about dog tricks.

  5. Melissa

    I didn’t watch it but your post makes me sad that I missed it. I always say I’m going to watch it and then never do.

  6. Brian h

    I have a ton of talents…..juggling, exterior Christmas lighting, Call of Duty, lawn care, house painting, leaving humorous Facebook commenting……

    1. Jennifer

      Your Miss America talent would have to be juggling. For sure.

  7. Kayleigh

    For the record, I would like to say that Miss Massachusetts does NOT represent how bad ass we actually are in Mass. Can we ship her to a different state? Haha

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