What do you set your thermostat at in the winter?

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Growing up we always had the thermostat set low. Like low. And I was always freezing. So when I moved out (to college and then to my own place), I cranked that thing UP. And then I met B and it got turned down. D*mn boys. But over the years I have gotten used to it. Of course, I swear sweatshirts and socks at all time, but whatever. B and L never get cold and WB wears fleece pajamas most of the time, so he’s good too. I just looked and our thermostat is at 65 right now. I’m guessing that sounds chilly, but when you are running around / crawling around / playing like crazy, it is so NOT. No one is ever sitting still here! And if we get cold, I just turn it up.

I do remember a few years ago, sitting around the house a few nights and being cold. Not just chilly, but down right COLD. And I didn’t know why. I’d get up from under my blanket on the couch after L went to bed and I’d be shaking I was that cold. B was out of town and I was telling my mom about it and she’s like that’s so weird, blah, blah, blah. I was seriously considering going to the Dr. I thought something was WRONG. And then my mom comes over to babysit L one day while I went to work. Umm, turns out B was feeling “warm” one day and turned the heat down to like 60. OMG. I was about to kill him! So while 65 is acceptable. 60 is NOT.

Now it’s your turn, what do you set your thermostat to? And do you set it lower at night? We don’t, but probably should. Truth be told, I don’t know how. I’m unclear if our thermostat is even promgrammable? I need to look into that….

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  1. Sidney

    I hate being cold! Our heat in the apartment is running around…80 degrees I think. That sounds warm, but it’s really only 73-75 (in some places) because the sliding door lets in SO much cold air. When the curtains are open I can definitely tell it’s colder in here. We don’t pay for heat here so I don’t bother turning it down. I have to have a space heater for my cube at work too because it’s like a freakin’ fridge in there too. I’m such baby in the cold! I’m not sure why I’m okay with living in Michigan!

    1. jake

      there is nothing wrong with that. I cannot stand the long bitter cold winter months either. I live with my mother, who keeps the heat at 68. That’s just to chilly for me. I am tyoing this right now with a space heater running in the bedroom. Personally, i would love to see our heat setting raise to at least 73.

  2. Jackie

    We have a programmable thermostat and keep it set to 68 during the day, 62 at night. Sometimes I crank it up to 70 when I’m feeling wild and crazy! We live in an older home in New England so on extra cold days, like today, 68 just doesn’t cut it, especially with 2 kids who refuse to wear socks, and even pants sometimes! I definitely recommend a programmable thermostat too btw, it’s nice to not have to remember to turn it down at night and have it come on in the morning before we wake up!

  3. Alysia

    Ours is set at 68 all winter. It rarely moves unless we have an unseasonably warm day like we did last week. I can’t really put it lower because for some reason the heat doesn’t circulate very well on the 2nd floor & my kids’ rooms are freezing.

  4. Shannon Dew

    We use the wood burning stove to heat the house most of the time so it’s usually somewhere between 68-70 in here. At night it gets low {b/c no one is tending to the fire} so it’s like 65ish. I hate being cold. I hate the wood burning stove. I hate winter.

    1. Jennifer

      Explain this to me? It heats the entire house?

      1. Kendalynne

        Some people’s wood stoves are hooked up in a central air type fashion and can heat the whole home. I’ve only seen it in rural homes, but perhaps old homes that haven’t been updated could be configured this way as well. (Doubtful…it’s probably a code violation of some sort!

  5. Kayleigh

    My husband and I fight over this all.the.time. I grew up with my parents making us keep it cold. And now that I pay for it myself, totally get it. He wants to be able to walk around and sleep in a t-shirt. I’m like, that’s for rich people. Definitely not us! But 60 is WAY unacceptable!

  6. Cristina

    Were in Southern California so the heater isnt on ALL winter, but we had a bunch of really cold days the last few weeks (for us, obviously) where it was in the high 20s, low 30s at night and in the low 50s during the day. I turn mine off completely at night and we just bundle up and during the day I set it to 67ish.

  7. Danielle

    We use the Nest programmable thermostat. It turns down to 62 when we’re away, 65 at night and is between 70-72 when we are home.

    1. Jennifer

      My husband wants this so badly!! Is it worth it?

      1. Jen Dera

        I too want that Nest thermostat. Basically, just because it looks cool. :p The kicker is that I have dual zone temperature control in my house, so I have two of everything… two furnaces, two central air units, etc. So I’d need two of the Nest units, and well, I can’t get the hubby to go for that. I keep our house lower than 68 (65-67), and keep two fireplaces going all day and my gas bill this month was only a tad lower than my car payment. 🙁

      2. Danielle

        I think it’s awesome! It’s definitely pricey but I do think it will help us save $ over time. It’s SO easy to use the app on the phone to adjust the heat if you’re out of the house or even just if you’re hopped into bed and want to turn it down overnight. Set up is also easy and it learns your schedule in a week. It just depends on you… obviously if you don’t adjust the thermostat throughout the day than it’s not really worth it.

  8. Denise

    We leave it at about 67. We have old windows and doors so the house tends to get quite drafty on really, really cold days. So when it’s under 20 with lows in the single digits, we might crank it up to 70. Otherwise, we just use a tiny space heater to crank some immediate heat in the house. Because I pay the utilities, I can say, from my own experience, running a tiny space heater for a couple of hours after work before bedtime, is cheaper than turning the heat up to 70.

  9. Stephanie Bradshaw

    Our thermostat is always at 68… It used to be 65 but I told my fiance that was unacceptable. While sometimes 68 doesn’t cut it due to our drafty doors and windows…If I’m cold I just throw on an extra sweater and socks or I turn on the space heater and have it blow directly on me. If that still isn’t enough…I jump into bed and crank up the heating blanket!

  10. Crystal

    I must be oneof the oddballs. I keep mine thermostat low year round. Often I won’t even turn the heater on unless I’m absolutely freezing. I’d so rather been cold than hot because I can always bundle up and snuggle under a blanket. It also keeps me moving to stay warm which is certainly more healthy.

    😉 Socks are not so bad, they help keep your feet looking pretty.

  11. Jenny

    We have dual zone so downstairs is about 70 and upstairs is about 68. We get full sun all day on the back of the house so those rooms are always a little warmer due to that. At my old house we had to keep it set at about 75 or even my hubby was cold. That house had lots of trees and got very little sun at all.

  12. Amanda

    Technically our thermostat is set at 68, but we run the woodstove all winter, so it’s usually 73-76 in our house. The only time it dips below that it is the stove goes out (which is usually because I was supposed to put wood in and forgot) I LOVE how warm it is though!

  13. Jamie

    Two weeks ago I got up for work and it felt like the arctic.

    I went downstairs and checked the thermostat and it was a staggering

    53 degrees

    We hardly ever have our heat on but that was a little ridiculous. I turned it on up to 64.

    (PS I’m in San Diego CA!)

  14. Jennifer

    I am not a fan of the really cold or really hot weather! Usually the temp in my house is around 74. Any higher than that and I need a fan!

  15. Jill

    In Hawaii we don’t have thermostats 🙂

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