POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review + Coupon Code – February 2013

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February PopSugar Must Have Box

I say this every month and you are probably so sick of it, but I am obsessed with PopSugar. Seriously. It’s the best $35 I spend a month. Wait, not the best, but certainly the most fun!

The Box

And as usual, my PopSugar Must Have Box took it’s sweet time to arrive. USPS and UPS can get something across the country in like, what two days? FedEx Smart Post took eight days. I would kill to follow the boxes across to the country to see what happens to them. I am fascinated with logistics and would really enjoy some sort of reality show on UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. and how they do things.

First Look

Moving on. The February PopSugar Must Have box weighed 2.4lbs and once the first person got their tracking, the guessing game started! I really never know what these boxes will include, but I love to see what people guess!

Second Look

This month’s theme was love related. The information booklet said “Whether you’re single or coupled up, love is in the air in February”. The box includes items to spoil yourself and treat yourself this month!

The Information Card

As usual, I won’t get into the entire PopSugar card. Instead I’ll just tell you what was inside:

Must Have Fashion:
~Brokedown Spa Wrap ($84)(*): Umm, this is the softest things ever. Seriously. I don’t want to wear it. I just want to rub it on my face. I’m not a robe person, but I can see this as a fun pool cover-up. Heck why not? I thought about using it maybe like when I dye my hair, but I’d hate to ruin it in two seconds you know?

Brokedown Spa Wrap

~Hanky Panky Lace Original Rise Thong ($20)(*): I was so excited to get these in the box and even more I excited I got the pink!!! I mean all the colors were fun, but I love pink! Hanky Panky makes THE BEST most comfortable thongs on the planet. Even if you swear up and down you hate thongs, try these. Seriously! There is a reason they are so expensive. It’s because they are amazing. There is also a code for a free Zoya nail polish if you buy more Hanky Panky’s.

Hanky Panky Lace Original Rise Thong

Must Have Entertainment:
~Safe Haven Book(+Song Download) ($10): People I gotta tell you something. I have never read a Nicholas Sparks book. Nor have I ever seen like The Notebook or anything. When I heard about the movie “Safe Haven”, I thought it had something to do with offshore bank accounts, not a love story. I’ll certainly add this to my book pile though ;). Can’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

Safe Haven Book

Must Have Home:
~Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleansing Gel ($10): My jewelry SO could use a good cleaning so this is very welcome. And if you were lucky enough to get some baubles (I loves that word) yesterday, I imagine that you are very pleased right now too! I believe I have tried this brand before, but never the gel. I love that it has a little brush to scrub with because between kids, lotion, etc. I get a lot of gunk in my rings.

Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleansing Gel

Must Have Beauty:
~Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (Honey Douce)($7.49): As I understand this has been out for a while, but I have never heard of it. It looks fun and gets great reviews, so I am game. Plus, it’s I think it’s cute. Like a big crayon!

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Must Have Food:
~MarieBelle Chocolates Tresor Box($12): I got the Cacao Nibs and am pumped to try them. Maybe I will break them out during Felicity tonight? LOL. The packaging is adorable and if I got these as a gift, I’d be happy! I am a sucker for anything in a cute package.

MarieBelle Chocolates Tresor Box

Must Have Extra:
~Sweethearts Conversation Hearts($1): You know, it’s been years since I have had conversation hearts and I gotta tell you, they are still good. I can’t help but wonder though, do they have actual flavors? Like is every color a different flavor? Not really sure they taste different?  L and I had a good time sitting around reading these. He likes them too!

Sweethearts Conversation Hearts

All totaled, I came up with a value of $144.49. The February PopSugar Must Have box wasn’t my all time favorite PopSugar box, but I did love it! I mean, the box only costs $35/month! Other than the candy hearts and the Hanky Panky’s, I don’t have any of the products included in the box and I like it that way! I love trying new things and these boxes are perfect for that.

Did you receive a February PopSugar Must Have Box? What’d you think? And if you didn’t get one, it’s your lucky day because I got TWO and am giving one away! Enter below! I’ll pick a winner Monday! If you want to sign up (don’t forget to use the code “REFER5” to save $5) or learn more, click here.
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(*) There is A LOT of talk over at MUT about how people are disappointed that PopSugar put things with *sizes* in the last few boxes, so I thought I’d throw in my two cents. I don’t think PopSugar is out to make anyone feel badly (for being too tall, too short, too big, too small, etc.) about themselves. I really don’t.  These boxes are suppose to be FUN!  If you aren’t having fun with them or don’t like them, by all means cancel!

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Jillian

    I’m really love the lip stain, it looks great on! I’ve heard a lot about hanky pankys but I have never tried them, so hopefully they are as great as everyone says they are.

  2. Erica G.

    If I won this box I would be so excited! I’ve never received PopSugar before but I’ve been wanting to try it out since it started!

  3. Amy

    I love Hanky Panky thongs they are the best! If I won this box i would enjoy it!

  4. Chriss

    I would so give this box to my roomate. She always gets jealous when mine comes in the mail!

  5. Kristina Cruz

    If I won, I would give the box to my Mother in Law. She has been there for me the past year when I was pregnant and now with an infant. She deserves it!

  6. Amanda

    I’m not a big Nicholas Sparks fan, so I’d give the book to my mom, but I may try to read it first. He does write sweet stories and they’re easy reads. I’d also start using the jewelry cleaner right away!

  7. Kyra

    Hmmm wear it, eat it, use it?! I could see that wrap coming in handy when it’s 100 degrees outside, fresh out of a hot shower and blow-drying your hair…it’s just too hot to get dressed right away!

    What is Felicity you keep mentioning? The show that used to be on forever ago?

  8. Ginny

    I have never heard of Hanky Panky thongs before… I know what research I will be doing momentarily. 🙂 I love learning about new things through your blog!! <3

  9. soon p

    I would give some belated VDay gifts to friends and family!

  10. Ellen A.

    What an awesome box… If love to win it and pamper myself 🙂

  11. Alexia561

    I’m holding off on signing up for PopSugar as I’ve already signed up for several other subscription boxes, but would love the chance to win one! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. Holly

    So sad that I had to cancel my subscription this month but my fingers are crossed for your giveaway! I look forward to your reviews each month- always very honest and helpful.

  13. Jenny Louthan

    Mine came today too. I do like this box better then the last couple. I hope to take the wrap when I go to Vegas. I can see it being useful in the room or something. It is so soft.

  14. Danielle

    I love Popsugar giveaways! All of these items look so fun!!

  15. Nicole

    I totally thought the movie Safe Haven was a thriller/action movie..clearly I live under a rock, but I really don’t remember seeing any previews to make me think otherwise.

  16. Nicole

    i liked this months box!

  17. Courtney

    I got almost the exact same box as you except I got the pink wrap and a yellow hanky panky. I’m curious to how these thongs can be so much more comfortable than other and have read amazing reviews. I almost went to the bathroom at work and put them on. I figured that’s a little dramatic. Speaking of dramatic, I agree with you on the whole ordeal over at MUT. People are crazy sensitive. Toughen up cookies. I love this box though. I gave the book to one of the janitors at the hospital. He’s always buffing the floors and reading romance novels, I think he likes me now! And me and the other nurses put that chocolate away in record time! I got my Nume hair stuff in the mail today so I’m going home tonight and playing with my hair while wearing my wrap and hanky panky! Hell, I might even clean some jewlery while I’m at it! Woot, woot!

  18. Jessica W

    I need that jewelry cleaner…yes, the local jewelry store where I bought my rings from will clean them for free, but who has that kind of time?

  19. Jill

    Even though I’m already receiving a February box I’d love to win another becuase I love that spa wrap!

    Regarding the slow shipping my boxes take about 2 weeks to arrive! I’ve also been reading the commentary going on over at MUT and I completely agree with you. The comments are starting to get snarky so I don’t get involved. PopSugar is by far my favorite subscription box!

  20. Janelle

    I would give the box to my sister. It is her birthday today and I’m trying to convince her to sign up for the Must Have box but she can’t afford it.

  21. Shawn

    February was my first month to get PopSugar! I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get the January edition because I thought it was super awesome! I got the yellow undies… Unfortunately, while I love the concept of the spa wrap, at a little over 6′ it pretty much only covers the top or the bottom.

  22. Sara D

    So many fun things in this box. Wish I has a subscription.

  23. Christine

    If I won this box I would first be really excited and then do a review after I tried all the products. By the way, I absolutely love Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. I can’t wait to see the movie!

  24. Holly

    The Brokedown wrap looks so soft!

  25. Claire H.

    If I won this box, I would use each and every last item.. these all look fantastic!

  26. Chasity

    If I won this box, I’d be one happy girl. 😉

  27. Angela

    I would use the robe and the lip stain and then the hanky panky while reading “Safe Haven” and eating the candy…in that order then more than likely finally subscribe to Popsugar after being on the fence…I love this box so much I looked on ebay for it lol

  28. Kim

    I can’t seem to find where to enter for your giveaways. Is just a comment an entry?

  29. holly

    i would enjoy it! i never buy myself anything so this would be a nice treat 🙂

  30. Stephanie Bradshaw

    I went over to MUT today and logged right back off… Not really liking whats going on down there…I’m not exactly thrilled with my body shape right now but I’m doing something about it and not ripping everybodies head off about it…I made myself this way and it will take me and only me to get my body back the way it was.

    I got two boxes, completely identical down to the colors of the spa wrap, HP’s and Lip Stain. Another MUT contributor and I will be swapping out wraps and lip stain and the best part, we both live in CO!!!!

    I wouldn’t mind winning another box, I would die if the colors of the 3 items were the same as what I have already, lol!

  31. Meredith

    Ahhhh I want to win one of your giveaways so badly!!!

  32. zoe

    I would have me a much needed spa night after I put my kids to bed. I also have never read or seen a movie from Nicolas Spark so i’ll give it a try!!

  33. Catherine

    If I won, I’d use it all up! 🙂 Love books, and everything else about the box! I might give the hanky panky away as a gift though. 😛

  34. Monica

    Ditto on the MUT forum. It just made me sad – I’m sure that PopSugar didn’t put this box together on purpose to make people feel bad. Geez.

    I love this box. The wrap is a little short on my but so soft! And I’ve been wanting to try HP and am so glad I got to!

    Just a hint – if you sign up to receive emails from HP you receive a $10 off/$20 code which is stackable with the free nail polish and 15% off code. I got 3 pair of undies and a bottle of nail polish and free shipping for $37. Score!

    1. LMG


      I tried to stack these (the polish and the 15% off) and got an error code. Have they changed it?

  35. Kates @ You Betcha Baby

    Enjoy most of it myself but share those conversation hearts because those arn’t my favorite ; )

  36. Tiffany

    I cant wait to receive mine… everything sounds great!

  37. Shannon

    What would I do with the box…covet it?? LOL, no I would keep the underwear and then parcel off the rest as presents. 🙂

    As a side note: you are right about the Hanky Panky. Consider me a covert. I would love to try their bikinis, but have a reeeaaallllyyyy hard time plunking down $30 for them.

  38. Kim

    If I won the box I would give it to one of my daughters.

  39. Evelyn

    Nicholas Sparks book’s are pretty good. I haven’t read one in years because they always make me cry and they do seem like the same story but different characters/tragedy.lol The Notebook movie is a must see though. It’s one of the better one’s out of all the movies they’ve made from the books.

  40. Carly

    I would love this box…especially the jewelry cleaner and the undies! I also totally agree with the UPS reality show…I too am fascinated by logistics. My mother in law works at the post office and I’m always trying to get her to take me on a tour!

  41. Kristin Lockwood

    Heck! I’d keep it all except donate the book most likely. Kids would take the candy- especially since I need to keep losing weight so I can fit in the HPs! Lol!

  42. Carly

    I would LOVE this box, especially the wrap and the undies. Also, I totally agree with a UPS/USPS reality show. I too am fascinated by logistics…my mother in law works at the post office and I’m always trying to get her to take me on a tour!

  43. Carly

    Oops…looks like my commented posted multiple times. Tricky to do it from the iPad! Sorry about that!

  44. Jen

    If I won, I would be **pumped**!!! I’d be selfish and keep it all for myself and my girls! 😉
    Thanks for doing another give away!

  45. breanne

    Love the idea to use the robe as a coverup

  46. Jessica R.

    I’m not signing up to win because my husband bought me this box for Valentine’s Day. Though for some reason, mine entered my state and then left for Indianapolis and is scheduled to be delivered next Wednesday. What?! Regardless, I am excited and think this box was a big improvement over last month’s. I will pretty much use everything in it or at least try it.

  47. Alice

    I thought it was ridiculous when people were yelling at others on MUT for wanting people to use the spoiler function last time, but this time it’s on a whole other level. However, I wish they were there in my life in the late 90s when baby t’s were the only shirts and even xl seemed to not fit all that well (now I realize I had a long torso!), so they could have sent feisty emails to the manufacturers.

    From a business standpoint, I think it’s amazing the stuff popsugar is able to get into the boxes. They can get stuff from big companies like Revlon to unknowns like Brokedown. I was super impressed they got undies from such a high end brand.

  48. Liz

    I love reading your reviews! You sure do make these boxes sound enticing! Have you tried the Nature Box? I think I want to try that one!

  49. Rebecca

    I’ve been considering trying this box out and would love to get one!

  50. Debi B.

    I love Nicholas Sparks!
    I also love all of the items this month,great box this month. :*)
    Thanks for another fun contest……..

  51. Olga

    What a great box! I think PopSugar is amazing, but I have a hubby that I’m putting through medical school and just can’t afford spending that much. 🙁

  52. Kelly G.

    I’d love to win this box and I would have to keep it for myself!!! I know selfish right…. 🙂

  53. Nancy

    Try thongs for once!

  54. Amanda

    I would be SO excited if I won, it all looks like so much fun. BTW Safe Haven is an awesome book, I love all Sparks’ books, but that one was a favorite.

  55. Kim

    Yes, that was the slowest shipping EVER! So glad I finally got my box today, but what has it been doing for over a week now?? I can’t wait to try the thong, I got yellow, not my favorite, but who cares if they are comfy. I thought this was a pretty good month, not the best but not the worst…hoping March is even better 🙂

  56. Caroline

    Been trying to decide whether to subscribe to Popsugar for a bit now…would love to win one!

  57. Kimberly H

    If I got that box I would so use that towel. I have one that the elastic at the top is no longer elastic so that would go to good use.

    I would send the Hanky Panky Thong to Renee’ for her to Model for a blog picture. HAHAH

  58. Caroline

    If i won i would share it with my sister!

  59. Erika

    I want to try that thong!!! I’ve never even heard of that line before!!!

  60. Erica Riley

    If I win, I will be super thrilled because I have been thinking about subscribing to Pop Sugar, but just haven’t took that leap yet! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nicholas Sparks’ books, and I don’t own Safe Haven yet!! I have also never had any Hanky Pankys, so I must try them if they are as comfortable as everyone says!!

  61. Megan

    After i put my 2 year old and 6 month old boys to bed.i would have spoil myself! By taking a long shower then curl up on the couch to read.

  62. Ashli DiPrete

    I would love to win this box! I’m dying to have that wrap.

  63. jmd

    If I got this box I would be so pumped and I would use everything in it!! Chocolate and the lip stain looks great and that spa wrap is amazing.

  64. Lily

    I cancelled my subscription a couple of months ago because I was just so disappointed with the past few boxes. But this looks like a good one!!

  65. ashlee

    If I won this box I would be so excited!!!!! I found out about this box from one of your blogs and it sounds amazing! I have always wanted to try the hanky panky thong! I hope I win!!

  66. Anne Marie Farr

    Love hanky panky

  67. Maddy

    Try everything out immediately!

  68. Lauren

    Love the pink Hanky Pankys! This is one of my favorite PS Boxes!

  69. Megan Louie

    If I won this box I would give it to my daughter (except the thong – I’d keep that!)

  70. Emily

    I would keep most of it Im not going to lie . . . .I really like this box but I would share the candy with my boys!

  71. Kellie

    I would read the book! And love it!

  72. Janaya

    I’m new to the world of subscription boxes (that’s actually how I found your blog!) and if I won the PopSugar box I would be super excited!!!!!

  73. angi

    I’ve looked at the past boxes and thought “maybe…” about Popsuger. I would love to win this before I make a decision on joining.

  74. Heather

    Cute PopSugar this month. Def seems like you have fun trying all the different boxes, and I like reading them cause i don’t see myself ordering them any time soon. But I like reading you experience with them 🙂

  75. Alysia

    If I won this I would keep it all for myself. Looks like all kinds of fun!

  76. Angela

    Oh yeah I forgot…you need to see The Notebook! lol I saw it like 3 years after it came out when I gave in and bought the blu-ray and then watched it like 20 times since. It’s really that good.

  77. Val

    I’ve always wanted to try popsugar but I can’t pull the trigger on that price. Anything I didn’t want, I’d pass on to one of my sisters or my friend.

  78. Deena

    If I won this box, I would actually read a Nicholas Sparks book. I’ve never seen The Notebook either. I hear it’s great! I’ve been wanting to try Hanky Panky and I would for sure use the spa wrap after the gym!

  79. Rio

    soo sweet u r….

  80. Annette

    the pop sugar box has been on my want / not sure list for so long i still haven’t made up my mind!

    the february one sounds so fun and that chocolate box is just adorable

  81. Sara

    This box looks awesome. I would keep it all for myself.

  82. Christine H.

    I’d love to win this – I love Hanky Panky undies!

  83. Desi

    If I won this box I would give it to my sister. I subscribe and my sister saw the wrap and already told me that if I take it to the pool I will never see it again

  84. Lis

    I think my original comment got lost when I clicked post (sorry if this ends up being a duplicate!)

    I first have to say I LOVE all of your box recaps – they are awesome!!

    If I won this box I would definitely share some of it (like the spa wrap!) with my bride-to-be sister! 🙂

  85. Aimee

    While everyone’s pissed their thongs don’t fit, I’m pissed I haven’t gotten mine yet! Maybe I can win yours instead!

  86. terri s

    of course I want to win! would love to try the thongs and read the book and all the other goodies too just for me. love your give aways, very generous, thanks.

  87. jenn

    Everyone says such great things about hanky panky! would love to try the brand.

  88. Sandra B

    I have read your pop sugar reviews for months. I would love to win a box. All the products look interesting.

  89. Ju P.

    I would keep the wrap and panties for myself and give the rest to my best friend!

  90. Kristin T

    I would love to try the wrap!

  91. Shawn

    I love this box! The Brokedown wrap looks so soft.

  92. Tracey

    I would probably eat all the chocolate xD

  93. jessica

    would love this box!!

  94. Emily W

    I would love to win this!

  95. Evelyn

    I’d be excited. I’ve entered so many contest’s these last few weeks and haven’t won anything.lol 🙂

  96. Jency Kuriakose

    So exciting…Popsugar! I would love to try the chocolates and reuse that adorable box! Ofcourse the jewelry cleaner is so useful!

  97. Suzy

    If I win, I will dig right in!!! Looks like fun!!

  98. Farida

    If I won I would enjoy wrap after a nice bath. With a newborn I would love it!

  99. tiffany c

    I love this box! i’d probably keep a few things and give the rest away 🙂

  100. Kelly

    pamper myself as a new mom!

  101. christina

    This box looks like sooooo much fun and I would LOVE to win !

  102. Emily

    I’d so do a happy dance

  103. Rachael


  104. Kim Pincombe Cole

    I’d keep it all for myself! My birthday is 1 week before Valentine’s Day, so my husband just combines them into 1 gift event. My kids & husband ate my entire Valentine’s Day box of $50 chocolates in 2 hours flat 🙂

  105. Shirley

    I would love to share this box with my friends. 🙂

  106. Lori

    I live the bath wrap

  107. Marsha

    I would share what is in the box!

  108. MaOrsh

    Love reading and seeing your reviews and photos!! I’m just getting started with these sorts of boxes. I’ve never received one so winning this would be a great start!!!

  109. Joanna

    The robe sounds heavenly

  110. Zoe

    I want to try this sub out, every month has things I want to try in it.

  111. Ivis

    Great stuff!! I hope I win!! 🙂

  112. Kaitlin

    Love your blog… I would enjoy this box so much, especially the robe and hanky pankys! Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

  113. Tiffany

    Another great giveaway, thanks J!

  114. Deb

    I have always wanted to try the hanky pankys but Im too cheap to buy some!

  115. suzanna

    would absolutely love to win this … please … pretty please lol..

  116. Beth in the Heartland

    I’d totally keep this for me and enjoy every item in the box!!

  117. Lydia H.

    I hope I win! I enter all of your giveaways!

  118. Sara R

    I really enjoy reading your blog and all of your box reviews,I would love to win this box I would share the items with my family and friends =)

  119. Cathy

    Let’s be honest – I’d likely go straight for the chocolate! But I am very curious about the “hanky panky” undies too….

  120. Megan

    Spend the whole day in that robe while reading Safehaven!! Looks so comfy! 🙂

  121. Alison

    I got the green underwear! Wish I got the pink!

  122. Aimee A

    Im going crazy reading all the complaining about this box. I havent recieved mine yet and I just cant wait, and these people are all complaining!! Oh ur wrap doesnt cover ur ass…. Im sorry, dont wear it out of the house then. Personally if my butt cheeks are sticking out when I get out of the shower… who gives a crap! And the conversation hearts were an extra treat. Im totally with you on this. You dont like it… cancel.

  123. Sue

    This was my first popsugar box and I loved it! I love everything about it – it did take a while to get to me but in the long run…. who cares! LOVE this and will definitely try another month.

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