February Wittlebee Box Review

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Edited to Add: Wittlebee is no longer in business.

February Wittlebee

I haven’t received a Wittlebee box since last fall, so I was anxious to see what changes they’ve made.  My subscription renewed on 2/7, shipped on 2/18 and I received it on 2/22.  It kinda took a long time to pack it no?  I didn’t get a shipping notification, so I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived.

The Box

The box hasn’t changed since the last time I received it.  I do love their cute little boxes with the honeycomb and the bee, so I am glad that hasn’t changed.

First Look

I believe one of the main changes from the move from eight items per box to six items per box.  I somehow got seven items though?  I certainly didn’t e-mail them to ask why.  I was happy to get an extra item! I was also happy to see lots of plain stuff in the box.  You know WB likes solid colors and so do I!

Here’s what we received:

~Wittlebee Blue Leggings ($7.50): These are kinda girly, but I don’t care. WB will totally wear them. And probably look really good in them. Since he’s so little, normal pants look sloppy on him. So I was excited to see these in the box!

Wittlebee Blue Leggings

~Wittlebee Giraffe T-Shirt ($3): I know some people weren’t thrilled by this shirt, but I think it’s cute!  And I know WB will be able to wear it lots (either alone or as a layering piece), so I am happy with it.

Wittlebee Giraffe T-Shirt

~Wittlebee Grey Long-Sleeved Onesie ($10): Totally basic and totally perfect for us.  I might go all crazy and try to do something fun with this.  Maybe, GASP, sew something on it?  WB may be 12 by the time I get it looking good, but whatever.

Wittlebee Grey Long-Sleeved Onesie

~Wittlebee + Threadless Cookie Love Milk Baby Tee ($10.99): I think this is adorable! I do wish the t-shirt was a thicker material (it’s made out of onesie material), but I’ll layer this with a long-sleeved onesie and it’ll work great. This is probably my favorite item in the box! It’s so cute.

Wittlebee + Threadless Cookie Love Milk Baby Tee

~cottonseed Long-Sleeved Long Sleeved Lap Tee ($16): I believe we have received a similar shirt in the past and I liked it them, so I like it now.  Again, maybe I will try something fun with this.  Does anyone know anything about making your own iron on designs?  Someone must?

cottonseed Long-Sleeved Long Sleeved Lap Tee

~Tea Collection Surf Polo ($29):  I like this shirt and think WB is going to look adorable in it, but it seems big!  I don’t have many items from tea collection, so I am not sure how the sizing runs. I hope WB bulks up so he can fit into it this summer.

Tea Collection Surf Polo

~le top Striped Rib Coverall ($38): Had I loved this I would have loved the box, but it’s just not my style.  I am 100% certain that my mom.  And my grandma would love this though, so I put WB in it and snapped a picture.  And what do you know, he looks cute in it.  That kid looks good in everything ;).  I still don’t like it though.

le top Striped Rib Coverall
W modeling

I came up with a total value of $114.49 for my February Wittlebee box.  Not a bad deal considering that the box only cost $39.99.  While I wasn’t IN LOVE with the box (I can’t help but wonder what’s up with all the Wittlebee branded stuff), I was pretty pleased with it.  But what’s got me even more excited is next month!  Wittlebee has announced that they are going to let you pick 3 of 6 items in your box!  I cannot wait to see what the choices are and will for sure be getting a box next month so I can check this out!

Did you get a Wittlebee box this month?  What’d you think?  If you want to subscribe or just want to learn more, click here.  And don’t forget to use code “LUCKY21” to save $21 off your first box! (Thanks Sara)! But hurry because the code expires this weekend!!!



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  1. Mom

    You’re right I like the striped coverall, but the collar is weird. Maybe it’s cuter in person?

  2. sara

    Interesting changes to the Wittlebee box. After some issues with how long it took to get a box from processed to ship to me, I cancelled….especially since I wasn’t impressed with the selections. I’m interested to see your box next month. We may have to give it another try.

  3. Kristin

    I like the graphic ts a lot! Cute

  4. Melanee

    I also got the milk shirt and the grey onesie. I like them both. Overall, I liked my box and I loved the box also.

  5. Alice

    You can get iron on sheet transfer sheets at a office supply or craft store or probably amazon, where you make a design on your computer and print it out of your printer. They can be cut to whatever size or shape and is clear except for the part you printed. And it uses ink jet usually (I have a few sheets but I now only have a laser printer and realized nope will not work.)

  6. Chrissi

    I used to do iron on transfers for bachelorette/bday celebrations. You can get the transfers at any office store or even Michaels. Super easy to use. You can print anything. You just select the mirror image box in the print setup and it prints backward so the image comes out correct in the shirt. Decent price for the amount you get. Had some fun one year for St. Pattys Day with those iron ons! Hmmm…all of my iron on occasions involved drinking and inappropriateness!! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! Good luck! Hope they work for you!

  7. Jenny

    I haven’t gotten a box in awhile either. I’m planning on getting one next month and I did use some credits for the most recent mystery box. I’m hoping that with picking some of the items they will be more to my liking. I’ve had good luck with my boxes so far for my boys so hoping for the same to come.

  8. Angela

    This company lol I still don’t have my 1st box and still says processing. Hopefully I get it before next month. You got some cute pieces 🙂

  9. Susan

    Any comments on the boxes for girls? I subscribe to FabKids for my 2 oldest, but they don’t make sizes small enough for the baby. BTW, my girls LOVE the FabKids boxes.

  10. Paul

    Wittlebee makes it impossible to cancel the monthly subscription. I have been trying for the past 7 days and I never get a response. Also quite nhappy with the overall lack of quality of their products. Overall, a really poor experience

  11. Jamie B.

    So….. when exactly are they going to let you choose 3 out of the 6? Does that happen at check out? Or do they send you an email when it’s closer to shipping time? I’ve only ordered from Wittlebee once and I wasn’t impressed. I REALLY wanted it to work though! Wish they didn’t send so many Wittlebee brand stuff.

  12. Abra

    I just got access to my showroom to choose my 3 of 6 items. I’m pretty excited to get my box this month! In the meantime, I’ve been doing some of their mystery bag sales which have been awesome deals. I just got our “Spring Break” mystery bag this week. A pair of swim trunks and rash guard from Appaman. I think we got a pretty cute set!!

    Spring Break Mystery Bag Pic

  13. Peggy

    I love subscription boxes! But, I know realize that they are too good to be true. I decided to try Wittlebee in February. I signed up on the 4th and immediatly my credit card was charged. No biggie. I wait the standard 2 weeks that they note on their site, and still nothing. I emailed customer service and they responded quickly stating it would ship the following week. I waited. Still nothing. I email again and they apologized and gave me a $10 credit for the next box for the inconvenience. Cool. Service seemed good at the time. I waited another week. Still nothing. It’s now a month late. I emailed them again, they told me they were waiting for boy pants and didn’t know when they would arrive. Needless to say, I cancelled and they refunded me my money. I’m tempted to try again if it’s only $20…

  14. Kris

    Wittlebee seems a bit half A$$ed in the way they handle things compared to the other subscription services.. in both customer service and response.. whats up with that??

    Hi guys thought I would stop lurking.. btw LOVE your blog… stumbled onto it one day and have been hooked ever since.

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