February Pink Fancy Box Review

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February Pink Fancy Box

Well just as I complained about not getting any shipping notification on my February Pink Fancy Box, guess what showed up at my door this morning? You guessed it, my Pink Fancy Box!

The Box

Since I have never received a Fancy Box before, I didn’t have any idea what to expect. The box was shipped via FedEx Ground and was a nice size. Big in fact. I was excited to see how big it was actually. Things were looking good!

First Look

The box, while large, was fairly empty.  Still I know that a not totally full box doesn’t mean it’s amazing, so I still had high hopes.

The Information Cards

Fancy Box doesn’t have a big information card.  They have smaller cards with pictures for each item in the box.  I kinda like that!

Here’s the details:

~Police Badge Bottle Opener ($15): I can’t tell you the last time I thought to myself, wow, I need a police badge bottle opener, but maybe I do?  It’s cute I’ll give it that.  It’s heavy and could be a fun little item for B’s (yet to be built) bar.

Police Badge Bottle Opener

~Body Art Paint Sticks ($8.49): In what is rather crazy, I actually own these already.  Don’t judge me.    L just saw the the package the other day and now they are his.  They were never used just in case you need to know.  He’ll love another set of these.

Body Art Paint Sticks

~Beautiful Tee ($24): I certainly wouldn’t pay $24 for this t-shirt, but I’m sure someone would.  I’d pay $5.  Maybe.  The quote is sort of cute, but not really my thing.  At all.

Beautiful Tee

~Atlas of Remote Island ($30): When I first saw this book I thought of my friend over at the Yuppie Traveler.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s not only heard of some of these islands, but has plans to go to them.  She goes everywhere.  Since I do not even have a coffee table to display a coffee table book like this on, she may get it as a late birthday gift!

Atlas of Remote Islands

All totaled, the February Pink Fancy Box had a value of $77.49.  The box itself is $39 and then tack on another $7.95 for shipping.  Did it have a value of more than $46.95?  Yes.  But I wouldn’t have gone out and bought everything in this box for even $46.95 you know?  Just not my thing and I was kind meh when I opened it.  Still, I will give the Pink Fancy Box another chance.  Maybe next month Pink will have better taste.  Plus, they already billed me for it and I don’t feel like fighting with them about getting my money back.  And next (well this) month is suppose to have an extra treat because this month was so late (*).

Did you get a Pink Fancy Box this month?  What’d you think?  And have you ever gotten any other Fancy Boxes?  Thoughts?  If you are interested in signing up or learning more, click here.




(*) I am certain you don’t want to hear me complain about this again.
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  1. Shelby

    Would not pay that much for this box!! Crazy – would not like any of those items. Except maybe the body art paint sticks lol.

  2. Amanda

    Honestly, I would be a little disappointed too. That seems like a box of really random stuff to me. Like a clearance table in a box. Ha. Hope the next one is better for you!

  3. Courtney

    Blah. I thought Pink was way cooler than that stuff. I wouldn’t be happy with that box. I ordered the Ashton Kutcher one for Eric’s 31st birthday in April in hopes that I could use some of the stuff for his present…fingers crossed. It’s supposed to ship at the end of this month. Did the fancybox ship fedex by chance? LOL

  4. Erin

    I have not gotten mine yet…will probably be today…but from the looks of it I’m not impressed. I LOVE t-shirts, but I’m not a fan of wearing shirts with cuss( or curse for some) words on them. I cuss ALOT, but find it disrespectful to others to have the words displayed for everyone to see. I know I sound like a prude, but I’m really far from it. The other stuff is just Eh! I think my 3 and 4 year old boys will love the body art, but that will be about all that gets used. I got a coupon code for this box, so I’ll be ok. I will cancel after next month. I’m only hanging around for that one b/c of the extras for being late.

    1. Victoria

      @Erin: You took the words out of my mouth! I don’t want to wear a t-shirt with swears b/c it seems tacky. And holding on for next month just because they promised something extra. If it does not improve I am definitely cancelling.

  5. Gyps

    So I ordered a fancy box the other day. Their site is a little confusing for me and I have to say I’m not entirely sure what I even ordered. I was so excited to be getting a discount that I went for it. I don’t remember even seeing an option for The Pink Box or Ashton’s Box….we’ll see what happens :/

  6. Cathy

    I’m thinking, “Phew, I’m glad I didn’t use my Fancy coupon code on the Pink box!”

  7. Shannon

    Hmmm…I like the bottle opener. It would make a good gift. I wouldn’t use the shirt either. I think I would be pretty disappointed for almost $50!

  8. Yivanna

    I usually wait til i recieve my boxes before reading your blog
    I like surprises 🙂 but i was so excited about this one i just had to take a peek
    I just subscribed to the pink fancy box and I’m regretting it. I hope this is not the box I’m recieving

  9. Yivanna

    I Subscribed on March 4th, I’m so glad I’m not getting the February one

  10. Rose D.

    I agree with Erin. Why on earth would they send a shirt with cursing on it? I try to only wear things my young cousins wouldn’t be offended by (I have no children). But that is just stupid. If you can’t write it in the paper, don’t put it on a shirt. Or hat. Or bracelet. Ugh, what has happened to society? (And before anyone says anything about me being old, I am 31 and curse plenty in my own life.)

  11. Lori

    Total bummer of a box. The kid will maybe use the body paint crayons. As for the t-shirt…. that will never get worn… I tooo am not a fan of cuss words on clothing. A bottle opener that looks like a police badge – ahhh i just don’t get it. And I dont have a coffee table either. Maybe I will need to give some of this stuff away on my blog. But do I really wanna give not so fun stuff away?

  12. lisa

    I like the bottle opener. I must admit, I am VERY curious to see what islands are listed in that little book, but am not willing to pay $30 for it.

  13. Michelle

    This will be my first (and probably last) fancy box and I’m super bummed. At least I used a coupon code and only paid $21 for it. I hope I can get rid of some of it on ebay, but I don’t even know if it will sell. I’m still trying to unload those brokedown spa wraps from the popsugar box and I can’t even GIVE them away on ebay.

  14. Patti

    Bummer! That box stinks…the initial presentation was the worst, should have known just from that.
    On another note, have you tried The Happy Trunk? Kids craft box? Looking for some reviews. So far it looks as if Baaba is the best.

  15. Danielle

    I love Pink as an artist so I was UBER exited to try her Fancy Box. I signed up with the promo code last month and waited anxiously like a teenager to see all of the fun goodies Pink would pick for her box. I’m so disappointed in these items and I feel like they don’t even have anything to do with Pink! I was thinking maybe a fun hair doo-dad or crazy nail polish, maybe a fun scarf, some funky jewelry, and perhaps something music related. I’m so utterly disappointed and will be canceling her subscription.
    p.s. Pink, can you please select me to pick out the items next month? I feel like you have no idea how this subscription thing works.

  16. Tia

    So I got my box today, such a big disappointment. I went through and priced all the items and I came up with $57.04. The website says $80+. So I sent them an email (something I never do) so we shall see!

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